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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin?

Who does Sarah Palin seem more like??

Tracy Flick

Summer Wheatley

Hermione Granger?


foxdeath said...

She is anal and conservative like Tracy Flick but is also plastic like Summer Wheatly...

Wacky Neighbor said...

Summer, no doubt. I thought Palin's closing statement was going to end: "And if you vote for me, it will Summer all year long."

Hillary Clinton is Tracy Flick.

Kim said...

LOL, yeah, all through the debate I would say to Todd, "Vote for Summer!!"

Wouldn't it have been awesome if they had to do skits after the debate, like in Napoleon Dynamite?

Nick said...

I'll go for the 4th option...

Spiro Agnew.

Jenny McB said...

It's the relentless earnestness (word?) of summer that reminds me of Sarah!

Very funny post.

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