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Friday, October 31, 2008

Thoughts on Halloween

  1. At Current Employer, people dress up for Halloween.  This is funny to me.  I really wanted to do it this year.  In fact, I had the idea of dressing up like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite (I would be super-comfy in stirrup pants, a big sweatshirt or sweater, and Keds), but I elected not to dress up because of stress with my family that is going on, and because IT tends to not dress up and I don't have friends in other groups.  It was a great idea, though.  
  2. In an effort to not have tempting Halloween treats around well before Halloween, I decided to wait until this week to buy candy.  However, I have been super busy at work and with my personal life, so at this time, we still do not have anything to give out to trick or treaters tonight.  I'll likely buy candy either at lunch or on my way home, but I'd love interesting ideas about other things to give out.
  3. I really have a generally 'bah humbug' feeling about Halloween these days.  It seem gluttonous and wasteful.  In a society where we can't get kids to do much, eat right or be active, the one night where we dress them up and send them out to walk and get some exercise, we have them do so in order to collect candy from strangers.  I hear everyone likely saying that I should lighten up, but I still think Trick or treating is silly.
  4. I was thinking of making teenagers that are too old to be out trick or treating do some sort of song and dance in order to get their candy.  I know Todd would be against this, but I guess he should be answering the door then, huh?
  5. What is the best Halloween song?  My vote is for "Ghostbusters," because there is never, EVER, another time of the year when I wish to hear that song.


Wacky Neighbor said...

I'm not a huge Halloween person, either. I don't really mind giving out candy (and wouldn't give out anything else - fruit, UNICEF, pennies, or - and I swear that this is true - an expert on the Today Show this week suggested giving out toothbrushes, which seems kind of expensive and is a guarantee towards getting your house egged).

I don't like the rogue teenage trick-or-treaters that come by later and demand candy. They also have terrible costumes.

I don't really dress up anymore. I came as a failed exam once to a work party. Thought that was clever and didn't involve a lot of work.

Kim said...

One year, I gave out Crayola crayons - it was 3 crayons and a sticker with a jack o lantern on it that you could color. I thought it was a nice idea. I had a bag of candy around for the older kids, though.

Actually, I got some positive feedback about the crayons from both parents and kids.

landlord210 said...

Packs of trident work well too. Kids like it and it is not full of sugar.

Nick said...

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Halloween treats. Candy. Butterfingers tend to be the best received. about "Puttin on the Ritz" as performed by Peter Boyle and Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein?


Kim said...

I bought candy.

I was heavy on the swedish fish, as leftovers can be used for running.

Thoreau said...

Funny things my kids got this year in their candy bags:
* toothbrush
* pencils
* dried seaweed (our neighborhood is getting more and more international)

Oh, and if you ever have kids, I suspect your feelings on Halloween may change. Mine did.

BTW, Halloween ranks as the #1 favorite holiday by kids, even more than Christmas.

Kim said...

Dried Seaweed?!

What I liked about halloween when I was a kid was that it gave me a chance to wear my dance costumes over again, or else my grandma made me a costume. My personal favorite was the year that I was Smurfette.

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