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Friday, October 31, 2008

What would you do?

OMG, trick or treaters are out. This kid, he's like 16 or 17, comes to the door, barely wearing a costume. He was with a group of friends. He asks if he can buy a bottle of water. I was like, "kid, you're a nutcase." And he was like, "No, I'm really thirsty! I will give you 2 dollars!!"

So, I gave him a bottle of water and took his two bucks.

My question is, would you have given him the water? If so, would you have taken his money.

I figured he is too old for trick or treating, wasn't really wearing a costume, and should have had the forethought to bring a beverage along. So, I took it.


Wacky Neighbor said...


I think since the kid asked to buy the bottle of water, it was OK to take the $2. If the kid were particularly pleasant and/or clearly thirsty, you could have just given him a bottle of water, too. Maybe next year put up a sign: Bottled water $2.

Kim said...

He had a HUGE wad of cash - I think he probably has a job where he makes tips.

Nick said...

I'd have said, "How much is it worth to you?"

Then let the market decide.

Sandra said...

LOL Nick.

yeah he offered two bucks so I say take it. Or maybe just charge a buck.

I had some older ones and asked them if they were dressed like older kids...

Wacky Neighbor said...

Well, the only problem with that theory Nick is that the market for buying and selling bottled water in Kim's neighborhood on Friday was almost certainly tilted towards the buyer. There were likely many more potential sellers (people giving out candy) than buyers (weird kids asking to buy bottled water), so in theory a perfect market would likely have driven the cost down towards the cost the sellers paid to obtain the water (since it's unlikely any seller would have sold the water at a loss in this particular case). I'd guess $1. So I think Kim made a handy little profit in this market.

Nick said...

This is why I went into History WN.


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