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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diving Records

I was making copies of my dive log, and thought I'd look and see what my longest and deepest dives were.  Keep in mind, though, that the length of a dive is often restricted by the dive master, the daily schedule, etc.  Hence, our longest dive was a shore dive (and a good one, one of my all-time favorites).  As for depth, I don't try to dive deep, and I find that some of the best things to see are shallow.  So, when I've gone deep, it's just been because there was something to see (like Randy's Gazebo, which has a wonderful chimney that lets you out at about 95 feet).  Plus, I'm usually diving Nitrox, which limits my depth to around 110 feet (not to mention that the Cayman Islands restrict our depth to 110 as well).

Longest Dives
1. 74 minutes: Atlantis, Bonaire, 9/3/2008 (average depth: 34, deepest depth: 61)
2. 73 minutes: Jigsaw, Little Cayman, 7/4/2007 (average depth: 36, deepest depth: 50)
3. 71 mintes: Le Dome, Provodenciales, 6/19/2008 (average depth: 33, deepest depth: 37)
4. 69 minutes: Black Forest, Providenciales, 6/20/2008 (average depth: 47, deepest depth: 82)
5. 69 minutes: Eagle Ray Roundup, Little Cayman, 7/3/2007 (average depth: 38, deepest depth: 88)
6. 69 minutes: Great Wall East, Little Cayman, 7/2/2007 (average depth: 39, deepest depth: 75)

Deepest Dives
1. 101 feet: Randy's Gazebo, Little Cayman, 11/30/2007 (average depth: 46, bottom time: 52)
2. 101 feet: Bus Top, Little Cayman, 7/2/2007 (average depth: 43, bottom time: 55)
3. 98 feet: Blacktip Boulevard, Little Cayman, 11/29/2007 (average depth: 56, bottom time: 52)
4. 97 feet: Hands Off, Bonaire, 8/31/2008 (average depth: 43, bottom time: 64)
5. 97 feet: Mixing Bowl, Little Cayman, 7/1/2008 (average depth: 45, bottom time: 45)

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