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Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Think I Might Throw Out This Jar of Curry Powder

From Random Photos 2008

From Random Photos 2008

Well, this curry powder is old. It was wedding gift... for my mom and dad. They got married in 1959. They received a spice rack as a gift from somebody, and this jar of curry powder was included. It has never been refilled, that is just not a spice we use very often, I guess.

So... why do I still have it? I don't know, I mean, I guess it just got pushed around in the spice cabinet over time, and it moved a few times, and we just didn't use it very much. Then, when I moved out, I took the extras and seldom-used spices out of my mom's spice cabinet. She had multiples of spices where she'd bought spices to use in the motor home or at our beach condo, or whatever. I was used to that spice being around, and I never really contemplated how old it was. I think, too, I am not really crazy about curry, so it's not something that I really want to be especially potent. And spices kinda don't go bad (but 49 years?). So, I still have it.

This jar of curry has lived in my parents' apartment in Washington, DC, then two different houses in PG County, then our house in Riva, then our house in Annapolis, then my house in Owings Mills, then my apartment in Columbia, and now it is in Manchester. Wow, the history.

But, I guess I should throw it out. For the record, I have a ground ginger also... that one is really, really, hard, though. The curry still smells like curry and doesn't seem like it's 49 years old.

Some interesting things:
Do you know the signs of aging?
Spice Check


Lauren said...

McCormick has a cool thing on their website where you can enter the code on the bottom of the bottle and they'll tell you exactely how old it is. Check it out here:

I run a business that sells the SpiceStack - it helps keep store-bought spices like McCormick organized in the kitchen cabinet. Check it out at and Happy Organizing!

Kim said...

Yeah, mine is too old for that. No bar code, no codes. Just all spice.

I bought a new curry powder this evening in a much smaller container. We'll see how long I keep this one!!

I'm having trouble parting with the old one though.

Sandra said...

Hey it's probably an antique and someone would buy it on e-bay!

Nick said...

just think about this: That curry powder is older than the Johnson Space Center.

Nick said...

Actually...I think there's a game here.

Older than this jar of curry powder?

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