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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review: Eat Smart Veggie Crisps

Looking for a mid-morning snack, I thought I'd get some canned tropical fruit from the vending machine that I'd eyed up the other day. Sadly, someone got to them before me, so instead I decided to try out Eat Smart Veggie Crisps. The looked healthy, and listed themselves as 100 Calories on the front of the bag.

After getting the crisps from the veding machine, I noticed that the bag was not even a full ounce. The total weight of the bag was .75oz, which is less than you would get with a bag of regular potato chips. Presumably, this was done to achieve the magical "100 Calorie Pack" note on the front of the bag.

I checked out the nutritional info to see how healthy these things really are. They are "healthy," if you are looking for no trans fat or saturated fat. Otherwise, you do get 5g of fat per bag, but only 1g of dietary fiber. As for vitamins and minerals that you might expect from eating vegetables? 0% of everything.* Really, there is no benefit for these being made from vegetables, and looking at the ingredients, I am fairly certain that the spinach and tomatoes that are used in making them are only added to make the chips different colors. Otherwise, these are just Baked Potato Chips. Even the taste is about the same as Baked Lays - kind of bland potato flavor.

My Verdict? Don't waste your time. Go with Terra Chips instead, which do have some saturated fat, but contain more fiber and minerals and are far more delicious.

*The website says 2% iron, but the serving size is bigger on the website.

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