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Monday, December 29, 2008

2008: Fitness Year in Review


It's time again for my annual fitness year in review.  The interesting thing about this year is that while I did meet a lot of goals and I was very successful at keeping weight off and getting my running done, my biggest accomplishment was to become a lot more "sane" and "normal" about fitness.  I gave up a lot of my old habits of dieting and just mostly focused on keeping everything balanced - from my food to my exercise to my frame of mind.  And this turned out to be a huge success.

Fitness Goals for 2008...

Diet - Day one of tracking foods is today. Diet is not the number one priority, but tracking foods should be good enough. Hopefully, get the workouts going and the diet will follow.
This strategy was very successful.  I tracked my foods and stayed balanced and fine, without eating tons of diet food, etc.  I joined Diettogo in March, which helped me keep balance at work.  

Weight Loss - No specific weight loss goals this year, as I am trying to take the focus off of the number on the scale. If the workouts come, the diet will follow and weight loss is surely to be the result. At a minimum, maintain around 170 pounds.
Sometime during the year, I stopped worrying about the number on the scale.  This was especially good mentally for me.  As a result, I stopped the focus on what my actual weight is, and haven't really written about it on my blog since.  Suffice it to say that right this second I'm still up a bit from my Belize trip and the holidays.  However, I reached what was my goal weight in late April / early May (in time for the Frederick Half Marathon), and maintained it all the way until December.  I need to drop about 5 pounds right now, but I know that I will.  

Running - Run the Disney Marathon in January. Run a half marathon in the fall. NO MORE FULL MARATHONS for 2008. Keep up with 2-3 runs per week, and a base of only about 6 miles through the spring. Potentially run the Jacksonville Breast Cancer half marathon in February, although that is partially up in the air.
Didn't run the Jacksonvill race.  I did run the Disney Marathon, at an incredibly slow time (but my training sucked).  The Frederick Half Marathon, not mentioned here because it became a goal post-Disney, went very well, and I did run the Baltimore Half Marathon, even if it sucked.

Workouts - Goal of 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week, starting today. Focus on running and upper body weight training through the disney marathon. If we are running the Breast cancer race, keep the focus of running through then. Mix in Cathe rotations post-Disney to add variety. Any workout will do.
Cross-training continues to be a huge problem.  I cannot seem to stay into it.  I was successful in January / February of getting in several weeks of at least 4 and sometimes 5 days of workouts, and then I was successful again at doing so in April / May, and then again in November.  However, sustaining the cross-training has been very difficult for me.  This will be another goal for 2009.
Weights and Muscle Tone - Regain muscle tone in upper body. Work up to equal the weight that I was using for workouts in March 2006.
See above.  I was unable to keep up the cross-training long enough to do so :(

Lessons from 2008
  • It is SO much easier to lose weight and keep it off when training for half marathons and not full marathons.  This made me very happy.
  • As long as I'm running and working out, I do have the ability to eat sensibly and maintain my weight without keeping a food journal.  However, a journal is necessary when things start getting out of control.
  • The longer I stay with Todd, the less I want to eat bad things.  We've developed a mutual love and respect for healthy foods, and that is awesome.
  • Even with the best training, sometimes you just don't have it on race day.
  • In order to run faster, you have to run faster.
Successes for 2008

From Somewhere in the Sun
  • LOTS of running (see the chart above, which is a line graph of all of my running by weeks in 2008)
  • Sporadic success with Cathe workouts.
  • Jeff Galloway training program, including being a group leader
  • Two 5k Races (Shamrock in March, Pikesville in July), including setting a new 5k PR in March.
  • One 10k Race (Race for Our Kids in June)
  • Annapolis 10 Mile run
  • Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run
  • Walt Disney World Marathon
  • Two half marathons - Frederick Half (May) and Baltimore Half (October) -- meaning I ran the Maryland Double!
  • More success at getting to the pool to swim laps than in 2007.
  • Advanced Open Water Diving Certification (including bouyancy, night / limited visibilty & navigation)
  • Completed 62 scuba dives, for a total of 132 since I became certified.
Goals for 2009
  • Diet and Weight Loss - continue doing what I'm going.  Track foods to get weight down, eat sensibly, and maintain.  Do I want to lose more weight?  Sure, but I'm also at a weight right now that is right for me and that I'm happy with, so this weight is fine for now.
  • Running - Complete the Disney Half Marathon in January.  Plan to run a fall Half Marathon, then ramp up to the Disney Marathon (yes, the whole 26.2) in January 2010.  I had thought about doing the Goofy Challenge, but I don't think I'm up for it this year.
  • Workouts - Find a way to get cross-training in.  Starting with post-Disney, start doing Cathe rotations combined with a very light running schedule for the off season.  Get the tone back in the upper body.
  • Diving - I'd like to get another 60 dives in during 2009.  We shall see, as travel has become very expensive.

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