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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run 2008

I must admit, this was a really nice little race. It was quite cold at the start... even though my clock at home said 35 when we left the house, making me assume that when the sun rose it would be in the 40s, when we got home, the clock said 28, so the temperatures went down during the race. I was tired and hungover from my work (yes, the new job) Holiday party Friday night. I was just planning to run casually, hang out with friends, and get some miles. I wondered why I even bothered with the chip.

There was a large group of us running - Sue, Caryn, Kristy, Misty, KathyC, and some friends and family. There were others out who weren't running with us, and we ended up seeing quite a few people during the race. I chose not to turn chrono on (on my watch), so I had no idea what my split times were per mile and just tried to keep up with the group and have a good time.

As it turned out, this was a good strategy, since when I saw the results yesterday, I maintained a 12:28 per mile pace, which is very good. I'm starting to wonder if I should turn chrono off for all of my races. I had no intention of running this race fast and didn't think that I was... yet, I ran it at race pace and still felt comfortable at the end. No chrono for Disney?? We shall see.


foxdeath said...

Sorry, I hate to HAVE to do this, but... Where did you get the idea for turning off the chrono and not doing split times???

Kim said...

You told me that... :)

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