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Monday, March 31, 2008

13 Miles on a Treadmill

I'm just really proud of myself.  I ran 13 miles this weekend on a treadmill.  To me, this is HUGE. 

What happened was that I was supposed to run Saturday morning with my group at the trail.  However, I was fighting a cold, which I thought was bad Friday, but then Saturday was really my worst day.  I ended up calling Sue on Saturday morning and her words to me were, "Uh, you don't sound good."  I spent Saturday on the sofa, sleeping and trying to get my B&O Railroad work done when I was conscious.  But, I was really mad that I'd missed the run.

Sunday came and hooray! I was feeling better.  Not perfect, but I was breathing better and not quite so congested.  I decided to try to run.  I chose the treadmill because 1) I was worried I'd have to bail on the run due to illness, and if I did so at the trail, I might be too far from my car.  On the treadmill, I could just stop.  2) With a cold, I didn't think 30-40 degree temperature running was a good idea.  3) I had to meet friends in the afternoon and couldn't afford the 45 minutes each way to the trail.  4) If running was stupid, Todd would be nearby in case something horrible happened.

I went slow, I watched Ocean's Eleven, which got me through the first 8 1/2 miles, then The Incredibles finished it off for me (hey, one of the characters in that movie runs really fast.).  I did 2:1s and only stopped once - to go upstairs and refill my water bottle at 6 1/2 miles.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  The movies relieved the boredom, and while I hacked and coughed, I was able to finish the run.  I took extra walk breaks a couple times when I was feeling bad.  I even felt great at the end of the run - fully able to climb stairs and rip up carpeting at my friends' house.

I'm proud.  Hooray for overcoming adversity!

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Bug Helps With Laundry

I took half a day as a sick day today. I had finished the work I needed to finish for the week and I feel crappy with a cold, so, I'm home. And while I was here, I decided to put laundry in because honestly I can not keep up with it. The Bug helped. He's gotten to really love the laundry baskets... I go through this EVERY TIME I do laundry.

Laundry Room: Running clothes come out of the dryer. The Bug expects a ride in the empty basket. In fact, I'm taking the full one behind him upstairs.

Upstairs: As I empty the running clothes basket, The Bug jumps in for a ride.

Still Upstairs: The basket is now empty... Well, except for one thing.

Still upstairs: Full Basket!!

Still upstairs: Yes, he is still in the basket under the clothes. He chooses this - does it all the time.

Back downstairs: In the laundry room, he is still in the basket. He's happy to have gotten a ride.

HEY! It's the paparazzi!

The clothes are in the washer... where is the Bug?

Oh, there he is.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Buy Used: More Thoughts on Cars

In discussing cars, here's another option that I hadn't brought up...  used cars.

If I'm concerned about the environment, I should buy a USED car.  Over and over, I've read articles where people have written in about hybrids and should you buy a hybrid car.  I mentioned before that I'm skeptical of the gas mileage that hybrids actually get and how good they are for the environment... especially when people are often ditching a perfectly viable car that they're currently driving only to buy a NEW hybrid vehicle - which requires raw materials and waste products, and energy to create and build.

It seems like the best thing I can do for the environment (and this, I guess, is my final decision about buying a car) is to keep driving the car I currently have, keep it well maintained, and when I feel like I need to buy a car, I should buy a used one.  Whether or not that used car will be a hybrid or not is yet to be seen.

Articles of note:
The Best and Worst Cars for the Environment
"Green" Or Environmentally Friendly Used Cars
Want to Save the Environment? Buy Less Stuff!! ***

*** I so agree with this and have been trying really hard to buy less stuff, reuse and use craigslist and freecycle as much as possible.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thoughts on Cars

I've been thinking about buying a new car.  Current car passed its 5th birthday in October 2007.  I don't NEED a new car right now, and the only reason to buy one is because I want one and I want something that is a little more me.  Even if I do buy one, it likely won't be until the fall and I'll move mighty slowly in purchasing one.  I've been going through a big thought process over the last 1-2 months, thinking about what to buy.  

So, here are my thoughts and options:

Option 1: Keep Current Car
  • Current Car is paid off.  I recently put about $900 of work into current car (90,000 mile maintenance was expensive, and I also got new brakes, which was a hefty chunk of that cost). 
  • Even factoring in current or future work needed, seeing as how Current Car is a Honda, cost would not justify buying a new car.  Current work needed mostly includes purchasing one new tire, since one day I hit a curb in Hampstead and took a big chunk out of the wall of one tire, and Todd has been hassling me to get it fixed before it blows out.  I have not done so.
  • I can haul some things with current car.
  • Current Car has 4WD, which is great since current work does not allow me to work from home.
  • If I bought a new car, it would be worth more, meaning that insurance would go up.  Keeping current car means insurance costs remain the same.
  • While Sirius is not an option for Hondas, I have Sirius in the current car, it's just after-market.
  • I really don't like Current Car that much anymore.
  • There is a new model of current car, making me feel like current car is old.
  • Current car gets mediocre gas mileage, although gets the 2nd best gas mileage of any car in its class from its year (2003).
  • I don't get the fuel economy stipend* with this car.

Option 2: Toyota Prius
  • Gas mileage is good.
  • I would get my work's fuel economy stipend.*
  • Sirius Satellite radio is an option.
  • Lots of features and colors that I like.
  • I should still be able to haul things

  • I really don't like the overall design of the Prius and the Prius just is NOT ME. 
  • Loss of 4WD
  • I am skeptical of the actual gas mileage that Prius owners get, and I would love to know what gas mileage I would actually get, based on my driving habits.
  • I would have a car payment, and even if I use gas mileage and the money my company will give me as a justification, it would not be enough to actually cover the monthly payment that I would likely be paying.  I do have enough $$ to get only a 36 or 48 month loan though.
  • I remain concerned about ongoing maintenance costs of owning a hybrid.

Option 3: Honda Civic Hybrid
  • Gas mileage is good
  • I would get my fuel economy stipend.*
  • I prefer Hondas
  • I Like the way this car looks, compared to the Prius.  The interior, for example, is clean and sharp.

  • Only available in a couple of colors that I hate (all I want is RED!!)
  • Loss of 4WD
  • Like with the Prius, I am skeptical of the actual gas mileage that people get.
  • I would have a car payment.
  • Only XM Radio is available, and I prefer Sirius.
  • Like with the Prius, I am concerned about maintenance of hybrids.

Option 4: Honda Element
  • This is the car I really want.  I love this car.  I know many people think it's ugly, but it's very ME and it's what I like.  I can put a bike in the back (I don't own a bike, but that's beside the point).  The whole "surf wagon" thing really appeals to me and I think my 26.2 sticker will look awesome on it.  I get excited when I think about buying this car.
  • Has 4WD
  • Has the colors that I want
  • Really cool features, the ability to haul things, crazy-cool interior, just a FUN car.

  • Gas mileage is ho-hum. 
  • I would not get the fuel economy stipend*, which increases the overall cost of the car, relative to the Civic or the Prius.
  • Only XM Radio is available, and I prefer Sirius.
  • I would have a car payment.

So, there you have it.  I don't know what to do.  Perhaps the best option is to keep the current car and hope that a more fuel-economical version of the Element comes out, and that Sirius and XM radio merge.

*Fuel economy stipend: My work will give me $500 towards a new car that gets 30MPG or better, and then $500 per year for gas once I own it.  That's pretty significant... I mean, if I keep the car for 5 years and continue working here, that's $3000...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Review: Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson

Shadow Divers: The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of the Last Mysteries of World War IIIf you are looking for a thrilling and captivating mystery that just happens to also be a true story, this is an excellent book to read. Shadow Divers gives the story of a group of divers who decide to investigate a report of a potential sunken ship off the coast of New Jersey. The divers assume that it will be a pile of rubble or a pipe barge, but are astounded to discover a sunken German U-Boat. There were no reports of a U-Boat sunk in New Jersey waters, so the divers embark on a dangerous mission to identify the sunken wreck.

The book reads like a thriller, complete with drama and danger. I was truly hooked from the start and found it to be a wonderful account of the danders of deep diving and wreck diving, German naval history and World War II. If you even have a passing interest in any of these subjects, this is a great book to pick up and read.

I've seen other reviews that have stated that book dragged a bit through some descriptions of submarines, etc, but I found ever bit of it entertaining and interesting. Perhaps parts of the book were a little over-dramatic, but with the danger that these divers put themselves through in order to identify the wreck, drama seems justified.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Todd and Kim in Disney (specifically the Germany Pavilion in Epcot Center)

Disney: Easter 2008

  1. New Spaceship Earth
  2. Lots of sunbathing
  3. Famous people sighting!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Family gathering!

Ahhh... what a nice weekend. It's always nice to have a chance to unwind this time of year. This weekend, Todd and I joined the rest of my family in Orlando for our annual magical gathering at Walt Disney World.

Initially, we were supposed to be arriving Friday night, but since our Marathon weekend was cut short by a day due to Todd's work, we had an extra day to use for the Easter trip. So, we instead left bright and early Friday morning. The trip down was uneventful, and we arrived at our resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, at about 1:00pm. Our room wasn't ready, so we had some lunch and changed into our bathing suits (which we'd packed in our carryon) and spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. The weather was great, about 75 degrees and sunny, and the people watching was TOP NOTCH! (people watching happens to be one of our favorite activities to do together)

Once our room was ready, we went there and observed some giraffes wandering around outside our balcony. Then, we showered and then had dinner at Boma, the buffet in Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was good, although a little bit unusual African cuisine. We got to try a lot of new things though. I highly recommend their Butternut Squash Soup! Yum. We had an early night after that, renting Monsters, Inc from the DVC movie rentals and watching it in our room (the new Villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge include a flat panel HD television!).

We got up early for the extra magic hour at Animal Kingdom, which allowed us to ride Expedition:Everest four times (Extra Magic Hour, Extra Magic Hour, Fastpass, Single Rider Line). The true nuisance of the day was getting stuck on Kilamanjaro Safaris for over an hour while we waited for Cast Members to get four rhinos to get out of the road. The rhinos weren't in front of our truck, which would have been cool. They were maybe 8 trucks ahead of us, and we were stuck way back in the bushes with nothing to look at. We did eventually get off, obviously, and we did have a rhino run right out in front of our truck as well.

After Animal Kingdom, we went back to the room for a rest (and a look at the animals) and then headed out to meet my family at Epcot. The weather had turned a bit, and it was raining off and on, sometimes pretty heavily, but we persevered.

First off at Epcot was a ride on the newly renovated Spaceship Earth. I had high hopes about it, hearing that there were new cars on the ride. I was hoping that the seating on the new cars would be more comfortable for what is about a 30 minute ride. Alas, the new cars were in fact the old cars with a touch screen added. So... a low-down of changes:
  • Touch screens, as I said, which request some info about you and take a photo of you at the beginning of the ride. Later in the ride, they ask you a bunch of questions about your future and then tell you what your future will be like, complete with a photo of you in your future.
  • Completely new narration, Jeremy Irons was replaced with Judi Dench. It works - she sounds good. The first line, thankfully, still begins, "Like a grand and miraculous space ship..."
  • Some animations were added to the beginning where the cave paintings are.
  • Upgraded animatronics throughout, some mannequins having been replaced with new ones.
  • The family room scene was replaced with a different family room scene, with the family watching the first landing on the moon.
  • New scenes with a woman sporting a crazy big afro working in a data center.
  • A new scene with a guy programming in his garage. -- This one needs to be studied for hidden Mickeys.
  • Totally different ending, the scene with the Japanese girl talking to the American boy is gone, as are all of the scenes late in the ride (the miner guy, the woman getting her diploma, the mother singing to her kid in bed, etc).
  • Lame neon tubing lighting for transistions replaced with something that looks like it came out of The Matrix.
  • New post-ride stuff to do, which we did not fully explore.

Kim and Todd in "Our Future," which honestly looks a whole lot like our present. So... that's good news. Nice pink scuba gear, Todd!

Dinner was a Biergarten in Germany, where we listened to an Oompa Band and danced and ate Wurst and drank buckets of beer. Good times.

The family had gotten Fast Passes for Soarin' (which I hadn't ridden since September 2005, and that's actually the only time I've ridden it). So, we all got on that (well, mom and Vic watched the beers). Who was in the line next to us -- I KID YOU NOT -- John Travolta and Kelly Preston. I KNOW! I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER! Sharon pointed it out to me. It was definitely them and it explained why the cast members were on edge. Brother-in-law Frank swears Kelly Preston was checking him out. John said hi to Sharon and Shelly, but I didn't get to talk to him or tell him how much I enjoy the line "Bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good."

After Soarin', we headed out, the family going back to Fort Wilderness, except Bo, Dylan and Drew who joined Todd and me for a jaunt to the Magic Kingdom. The MK was not crowded because of the rain and we had a great time. There were changes to the Haunted Mansion also, but they were VERY VERY minor compared to SE.

We thought about the parks, but we were tired, so we layed by the pool all day, getting a little bit of color, people watching, and reading (I finally finished Shadow Divers). In the evening, we headed out to the airport, where our flight was delayed so we didn't get home and in bed until 2:30am last night... which is why I got to work late today and will be working late tonight. Blah.

But... a great little foray into Disney for the weekend! We'll be back in October for the 13k.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look Who's 90!!!!

My grandma!

(Actually, she's 90 tomorrow, but I won't be around tomorrow to post). Hooray, and I'll be celebrating in a couple of weeks for the big 90th birthday bash in Virginia!! :)

Grandma at my dad's wedding in 1994.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shamrock 5k Photo

Kim, Stephanie & Kristy at the finish line.

New Experiment: Diettogo

A bunch of people at work decided to try Diettogo.  I had never heard of it, then I thought it was a waste of money, then I decided to try it when I heard how flexible the meal plans are.

Here's how it works: Local gyms in the area are Diettogo distribution centers.  I am going to a gym in Owings Mills to get my meals, right around the corner from my office.  You can sign up for a 1200 calorie or a 1600 calorie plan.  The meals are the same for both, but the 1200 calorie plan is smaller portions than the 1600 calorie plan.  They offer breakfast, lunches and dinners, and you can choose to get any combination of them for any number of days per week.  I am doing the 1200 calorie plan, breakfast and lunch only, 5 days per week.  It's running me about $7 per meal, which is more expensive than what I've been doing, but not the most I've paid for meals per day either.  Meals are healthy and light and pre-prepared.

So, Tuesdays and Fridays I go and pick up my meals at the gym.  For me, Tuesdays I get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's meals, and then Friday I pick up Monday and Tuesday's meals.  My first pick up was last night and my first meal was breakfast this morning.  At least 4-5 people here at work have been doing it for about a week.

So, what do I think?

Better than Lean Cuisine, and it gives me some variety.  Even if I choose to prepare my own lunches and bring them in, I'm still ending up eating the same thing day after day, or at least a few days in a row.  Today, I had blueberry pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast and it was a lot better than I expected - actually, quite delicious and filling!  The plans are fairly flexible - you can substitute out meals you don't want and repeat ones that you really like.  Packaging is a bit wasteful, but I feel that way about a lot of stuff these days.  I am so tired of Subway and Lean Cuisines, that this will be a good change.  I am not planning on doing it forever, probably just for a month or two, as something different.  There's no long term commitment, so that is nice.  So far, surprisingly convenient and affordable...

This wasn't a good week for me to start though.  I was asked to go out to lunch today (second time in 2 weeks, and I so rarely eat out for lunch).  Friday I'll be in Florida, so I have 2 extra lunches sitting around that I have to find something to do with.  I'm sure that I'll figure it out.

If you decide you'd like to try it, let me know so that I can give you a code to enter that will give you a discount - I think a significant discount of like $20. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pasta in Frederick

You guys did a great job recommending a Marine Corps restaurant.  Now, I need a recommendation for a pasta restaurant in Frederick for the night before the Frederick Half Marathon.  Thoughts?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008 Shamrock 5k

Let's be honest: I don't like the Shamrock 5k. However, this was in fact the best of the 3 Shamrocks races that I've run.

We, meaning Todd and me, met up with Kristy and her friend Stephanie at Fleet Feet at 11:45. Karen and Bobby were just pulling up to open the store as we were heading out. Since I'd forgotten my camera (and my watch - gah!), Karen gave Todd her camera to take photos of the race (Todd chose not to run this race as he hates cold and weather is questionable for this one).

We made it downtown, parked, and made it to the starting line. Along the way and at the starting line we ran into a bunch of folks we knew - Joanna and her dad, Jim (Fleet Feet Jim) and Brenda, Gary from Fleet Feet, and a couple others.

The race started at 1:30 and it didn't seem so horribly crowded this year - probably because I started closer to the front of the pack than years past. We ran the first 6 minutes without stopping for a walk break and then picked up with 3:1s. Kristy was timing us since neither Stephanie nor I had a watch. Kristy claims that we did the first mile in 9:48, but I really have a hard time accepting that. If it's true, it's the fastest mile I've ever run.

Once we got into the second (no longer downhill) mile, I felt pretty tired and my stomach was starting to hurt. I kept up with Kristy until about 2 1/2 miles in, when she took off (she's doing excellent with her boot camp class!!!). I walked a tiny bit here and there, trying to recover enough to run the entire way down Pratt Street since that is where the spectators are.

The clock said 36 something when I crossed the finish line, but I had no idea how I really did.

Well... I set a new PR. Finally. Final time was 35:29, my previous PR was 35:41 set at the 2005 Baltimore 5k. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy day! All of the training and running I've been doing is finally paying off.

And so, we start the 2008 Training Season (I think of the Shamrock 5k as the first race of the season and Disney as the last race of the season). It's a good start!

race results

Friday, March 14, 2008

The O-Word

I was doing some web surfing during my lunch break and came across this article on "The O-Word" (Obesity). It's a very interesting article. A friend whom I run with runs programs for health and community and was talking to me recently about how obesity programs have become THE THING for governments and organizations to tackle. And yet, as this article points out, obesity isn't necessarily what we should be focused on.

The article points out that weight alone shouldn't be what we're using to classify good health, and the downsides to doing so. It discusses the affect that focus on weight gives to mental health and well-being, and how fad diets encourage people to eat poorly by sacrificing nutrition for weight loss (this was my point about Weight Watchers a while back). A quote I love:

We are not advancing the health of people who are overweight when going to gym means being silently judged and getting weighed at the doctor's office feels like receiving a negative report card. Yet, that is exactly the experience many obese individuals say they face when they choose to make medical appointments or start a fitness program.

:( Get out there and do it anyway!! Not everyone is judging you... I have more respect for the 300 pound women walking on the treadmill than I do for the vain guy staring at his muscles in the mirror at the gym.

It seems that obese individuals are faced with conflicting messages – that they need to exercise to lose weight, but that they should not exercise because they are overweight.

I had this exact conversation with Todd the other day. This is how I felt when I first started working out. It's why I chose home workouts over the gym. I wish more people would find what works for them, because trust me, there is something.

Anyway, check out the article because it's interesting.

A Loss for Baltimore's Running Community

Monday morning, I heard about Dustin Bauer from the Baltimore Road Runner's Club mailing list. I didn't know him personally, but once I saw his photo, I knew him right away. He had run in many races that I've run, and I specifically remember his hair. He was at the front of the pack, and I've cheered him on from the "slow" side of the road plenty of times. He placed 5th at the Oriole Advocates race that I ran in 2005, 2nd at the 2006 and 2007 Pikesville 5ks, and recently finished 3rd at the Superbowl 5k in February. He was an outstanding athlete and someone to look up to and be inspired by. I was so sad to hear that he had passed away this week.

It is so frightening to know that someone can be taken away so suddenly. Sometimes, being in shape and taking care of yourself isn't enough - accidents still happen. You can never know why it happens to one person and not another. I've been thinking about Dustin all week. How horrible for this to have happened, and my thoughts are with his family. This summer for my half marathon, I plan to remember this tragedy and do my best to cherish every single day and every single run as if it were my last.

Runners in the Baltimore area will miss seeing you at races, Dustin.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ON NOTICE: Airlines

Baggage Becomes Big-Ticket Item

As if the cost of travel isn't high enough. Already, in my opinion, Americans are not traveling enough, whether it is because of fear of travel, issues with taking children, lack of vacation, lack of disposable income, whatever, Americans work too hard and do not rest enough. This is one more road block.

There are lots of ways for airlines to make money, and they have been adding more and more nickel and dime expenses over the past few years. Food that used to be free is not anymore. American Airlines gets snippy about letting you take the whole can of soda with the drink service. Headphones cost money. Sometimes, it costs extra to sit in the emergency exit row. Now, we will have to pay for baggage.

The problem is extra large for me because now that I am scuba diving on vacations, I pretty much always have 2 bags (a suitcase and a dive bag) and I'm always right up on the edge of hitting the weight limit on both bags (scuba equipment is heavy and I am a notorious over packer anyway). Going to Little Cayman, we paid excess baggage fees because they are very strict on the weight for that plane. However, that plane is a prop plane, so that kind of makes sense (and divers tend to go to Little Cayman, so it's a chance for Cayman Airways to make a ton of $$).

What really gets me about this policy is that you are not paying per pound, and your bags are weighed separately. For example, take a look at US Airways' Policy (for the record, this is the airline we're flying on our next dive vacation coming up). If I have 2 checked bags and they both weigh 50 pounds, I pay $25 for the extra bag. If I have 2 checked bags and one weighs 50 pounds and one weighs 60 pounds, I pay $25 for the second bag and then another $50 for the excess weight on the second bag. Now, if I have 2 checked bags and one weighs 40 pounds and one weighs 60 pounds, even though the total weight of the bags is the same as in my first example, I still pay $75 total for having 2 bags and one of them being over 50 pounds.

Cayman Airways had a better policy - they weighed all of your bags in total (including checked bags) and then charged you per pound that you were over the weight limit. So, if I have 2 checked bags and one carry on, if the total weight was less than 75 pounds, I didn't have to pay any excess baggage fees. For the record, if you're going on a dive trip, you're NEVER going to have total baggage under 75 pounds (Todd's photo equipment carry on weighs 30 pounds by itself). But at least then if your total baggage weight is 76 pounds, you pay 50 cents, not 50 dollars because they are charging per pound, not a blanket fee. With the current US Airways policy, even if I only have one bag and go over the allowance by 1 pound, I have to pay $50 - a 51 pound bag costs the same as a 70 pound bag.

This is going to add up to a lot of money for a lot of people, and I hope this policy is re-thought (I doubt it will be). Flying has become such a hassle - with all of these fees, having to get to the airport early, the expense of parking, having someone watch your pet or child or house, TSA restrictions, security lines, check-in lines... It's become almost not worth it to fly in a lot of cases, but with gas prices over $3 per gallon... what else are you going to do?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Chicken

Oh, yum. It was the perfect amount of sweet & sour. Fairly quick to make (maybe 10 minutes prep and 15 minutes cooking), it's also so much lighter than getting takeout. Hmmm... this recipe was 388 calories. PF Chang's sweet & sour chicken? Somewhere around 800-900 calories.... I'll take this one, thanks.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

ON NOTICE: Mike Miller

I don't like him anyway. And we met, when I worked for the Governor's Office.

He's "not in the mood" to repeal the computer tax. NOT IN THE MOOD???? Is he for real? Not in the mood?

The computer services tax is nonsense. We discussed this before. It should not have been put in place in the first place.

Going off notice is something else, but I apparently forgot to put my on notices back up on the navigation menu, but I will soon.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesdays Suck.

I'm just in a bad mood.  I didn't run last night, and maybe that's part of it (I have a theory that running regulates my moods).  However, I also switched medications a week and a half ago, which has made my stomach sick every morning since.  It's supposed to eventually go away and I should get used to it (two months, I've heard), but for now it's just annoying.  So, that's getting on my nerves.  Then, I was a half hour late to work this morning because some jackass on 795 wrecked.  I'm only on 795 for maybe a mile and a half, but that mile and a half made me a half hour late.  I could run faster than that.  The Bug has been a holy terror, testing us constantly.  He's probably ripping something up right now.

I'm just generally tired.  I am ready for spring to come, but now that it's showing up I'm not as excited about it for some reason.  I'm ready for a day off of work (which is coming, I go to Florida in less than 2 weeks).  Turks & Caicos can't come fast enough.

Monday, March 3, 2008


My twitter feed, if you pay attention to it, is coming back.  This is not a "standard" Blogger template and I'm having to find the time and energy to put my widgets back.  Twitter is definitely returning, just don't know when exactly.  Depends on when I get time.  Maybe tonight.

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