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Monday, January 19, 2009

Be Cool With Yourself

Back in August, I passed my 10th anniversary of my first Weight Watcher's meeting, which sent me on this long path to losing 50 pounds, gaining 30 of it back, starting to exercise and then losing it again, coming into contact with awesome ladies online who also do video workouts, and then finally to my running group and running marathons (and eventually gaining and losing another 20 pounds).  I had this whole blog post set up to mark the anniversary, and then canceled it before it posted.  I just didn't feel like talking about it.  

It's not that I wasn't at a weight I wanted.  Starting in May 2008, I ended up maintaining a weight that I was happy with for over 6 months.  I went up a little and I'm in the process of dropping back down again.  So, it's none of that.  

Then, Oprah came out with her show where she talked about her own weight and struggles.  I've had my share of bouncing back and forth, so I can totally relate.  Then, two things happened today.  Wendy posted about Oprah, and I read that part of Oprah's show was about the Season 3 Biggest Loser Winner who gained 122 pounds back.  Too much stuff to blog about!!  I'm cracking up!

I've been seeing a lot of folks lately who are starting diets for the millionth time for the new year.  They're doing Weight Watchers and going the gym, blah blah blah.  So many people have NO IDEA what they're doing, and more and more when I see regular people out there trying to lose weight, I just assume that they're going to fail.  Even if they take the weight off, they're going to just put it right back on again because they're going about it the wrong way!  I'm feeling very negative about it.  I know it's  bad, but let's really look at it realistically - how many people do you know that have lost a lot of weight and kept it off for more than 2-3 years?  

It's too much.  It's all too much.  I'm so tired of it...
  • I'm tired of the media.  I'm tired of the seemingly endless morning news programs discussing weight loss and how to get in shape, etc... when they just had a full month of talking about how to make delicious desserts and pig out!
  • I'm tired of programs like Weight Watchers going on and on about how "Diets Don't Work" and then presenting what is essentially a diet.  It IS a diet.  It is a diet just like everything else.  
  • I'm tired of magazines putting the asses of celebrities on the cover, showing every detail of cellulite, and then for the rest of the year slapping an airbrushed model on the cover.
  • As much as I love the Biggest Loser, I feel like they go out of their way to exploit people, and to continuously show unrealistic weight loss (Like, say, disappointment over a SIX POUND WEIGHT LOSS IN A WEEK).  Doesn't it seem like, if you watch the show, you can't lose weight unless you can devote 4 hours a day to exercise? (oh, and if you eat jello and subway regularly)

It's just too much.  It's TOO MUCH.  I've been striving for a while now to not go on and on about my weight.  I wanted to lose focus of the number on the scale, and start just trying to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.  I don't fill my house with diet food, and I no longer count points.  I try to keep in shape with my workouts.  I found a sport that I enjoy, and I keep up with it.  I run to be with friends and to feel good, not to burn calories.  Sure, I want to lose weight, but if it takes me 5 months to lose 5 pounds, then it takes me 5 months to lose 5 pounds.  So what??

I just want to stand up on a soap box and scream to people that what they are doing is NOT WORKING.  It's making them psycho.  It's making everyone obsessed with weight and I just can't take it anymore.  I wish more people would just change their habits in order to feel better and not to lose weight.  I wish that overweight people that I see chowing down on burgers and fries would know how much better they'd feel if they regularly chose a healthier option.  Not a DIET option, just something better.  

Most of all, turn your head and look around.  Next time you're in a public place, study everyone else's body.  Chances are, there are an awful lot of people out there carrying around more weight that you.  Everyone worries about their looks and their weight.  You're not the only one, so stop obsessing and find another source of motivation.  I've realized this now.  I'm cool with it now, and I'm cool with me.  I wish I could do more to make other people cool with THEM.

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