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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recipe: Herbed Chicken Parmesan

I am so certain that this recipe would be awesome, but I screwed it up.  I made it on Saturday, and apparently when I went to the grocery store, I thought we had parmesan cheese.  We did not.  It's a pretty important ingredient.  I mean, the recipe has the word parmesan in the name of the recipe.  I substituted mozzarella, which is not the same thing, and it meant that there was far too much cheese...  Because, well, I also added like 3 times as much provolone as was called for since I was trying to make up for the lack of parmesan.  

It was still good, but missing a certain parmesan flavor.  I served it with orzo and broccoli, just like in the photo.  We had leftovers on Sunday and they were good, too.

The bad thing about this recipe is that it used a lot of plates / pans - you had to have one to cook the orzo, one to cook the chicken, and 2 plates for the egg and bread crumbs, plus a bowl to heat and mix the sauce.  Far from one-dish cooking.

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