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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dear Yahoo,

I appreciate the fact that you have been so diligent in sending me email alerts every day for the past year or so, letting me know that my stocks are below the price that I paid for them.  However, this service has become irritating.  I realize that I can update the alerts, since for a while I did update this feature to let me know only when it was REALLY down (as opposed to just down), followed by only letting me know when a stock was REALLY REALLY down.  I feel no need to update the alerts to tell me that stocks are REALLY REALLY REALLY down, as I can see and hear about it on the news - television, radio, and internet.  In fact, even commercials are now reminding me that the economy sucks.   It is all anyone ever wants to talk about.  Therefore, I do not need an individual alert for each individual stock, every single day.  Thank you.

Your faithful user since 1997,

Dear Blog Readers,

I am tired of hearing about and talking about the economy.  Therefore, I have avoided posting about it.  I think you know the deal.  It's down (and I LOVE that image on that link).  So, let's not discuss it anymore, ok?  Certainly there are better things to discuss, such as what movies I should be watching.

Your Buddy,

Dear Economy,

You are dead to me.

Someone you used to love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

Sorry you feel that way. I have this condition that happens every 10 years. There's nothing that anyone can do to fix it and I've had lots of experts looking at it for a long time.

I just started getting some new shots though. Hopefully things will start getting better.

I understand if you want to see other systems though.

Your friend (still),

The US Economy

PS Tell Bugsy hi for me. I've got those shares of Meow Mix he was looking for if he's still interested.

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