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Monday, February 9, 2009

Nothing to Blog About

So, I've spent a few weeks now with very little to blog about. I've been spending my time working, enjoying time with Todd, running, playing with our new Wii and trying in vain to schedule a spring vacation.

Well, what is there to say? I started a new job in December, which was a very strange time to switch jobs. Things thus far are going well.

Running & Workouts
After the Disney Marathon, I pledged to increase my cross-training, in order to gain some strength and definition in my upper body. I cut down my running quite a bit, and I've been just doing enough to maintain my base. After one week of success, one week of nonsense and a week of total failure, I've spent the last week waking up at 5:30am in order to get in my workouts in the morning. This means that I'm totally tired all day, but I'm so happy at night when I get home and don't have to work out.

Right now, I'm doing Cathe's January and February rotations (I think I am fully in the February one now), but I've modified them to fit my weekend runs in. I've had to do premixes in order to get my workout time down to 60 minutes or less (or else I run out of time). Last week, I did a couple of extra workouts in the evening while Todd was on the treadmill as well.

In similar news, I had dropped out of Diettogo in December when I switched jobs, but just started up again a few weeks ago. A couple work friends are doing it also, which is nice because we all eat the same thing and can chitchat about it... plus, I don't feel so damn weird.

On the racing front, I'm signed up for the Shamrock 5k on March 15, and unless dates don't work (see "Vacation Planning" below), I'll also be doing the Frederick Half Marathon again this year. I'm still debating about whether or not I'm joining the Galloway program, and whether or not I will lead a group. I'm on the fence about running the Disney 26.2 in January 2010, but that is another post.

The Wii!
We bought a Wii. I might have mentioned it, I don't know. So, a lot of our spare time has been spent playing Guitar Hero (also a favorite at work), and Wii Sports. I'm on the fence about getting a Wii Fit, so if anyone has any feedback on whether or not the Wii Fit would be a good purchase for me, let me know. Note: I don't think that I would use the Wii Fit in place of my regular workouts, but in addition to them.

Vacation Planning
Yeah, we were supposed to go to Honduras, but with changing jobs and such, we waited to schedule it and now the deal we wanted is booked/gone. So, we're left trying to figure out what to do and have run prices and discussed everything from Bonaire and Belize again, to Hawaii, British Virgin Islands, Cozumel, Nicaragua, Atlantis: Paradise Island, and other places we haven't been (well, together at least). We even discussed just going to Disney World and Florida to visit Todd's family. Right now, none of it is looking ideal, so we might be putting off the trip until the fall. Which is fine, since we're already going to Little Cayman this summer, so it's not like anyone needs to shed any tears over the situation.

There you have it - many weeks of nothing. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

we have a wii fit. I think it's fun to play with (not that I have lately). if you're already used to challenging workouts, i don't know if it would be what you're looking for or not. but you can definitly get your blood flowing and just feel like you're playing a game. i haven't played with the yoga stuff much, so i can't comment on that. i also don't know how fast the activities it comes with would get old if you did them a lot. but i would think there would be other fitness activity "games" out there. feel free to ask me more specific questions. or if you wanted to come check it out sometime before spending the money on one, your welcome to come over!

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