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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recipes: The Losers

Well, usually I only post the recipes that I make that I really enjoy and therefore want to share with people.  You've seen that I usually only post Cooking Light recipes, because that's usually what I cook, but occasionally I cook from other sources (if you have not before, please checkout Crockpot 365).  

Things are not always successful...  I've made some real stinkers.  So, here are a few of the recipes that I've made and plan to never make again.

Caramel Corn Ice cream.   For the record, I thought this one was pretty good.  I'd had it on my "want to try" recipe list for quite some time.  Todd was against it from the start.  He was turned off by the thought of what is essentially ice cream made from pureed vegetables.  You could really taste the corn in the ice cream, and so that wasn't good.  The great news, though, was that I purchased a bag of caramels and didn't use them all, so we ate caramels for a while afterwards.  I ended up throwing a lot of the finished ice cream away, and I couldn't get Todd to eat more than a spoonful.

Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Potatoes.  My mistake with this one was trying to serve it as a main course.  I had planned the meal (I mean it got great reviews!!) and like I usually do, I gave Todd the option of this meal or that one, and he kept putting off the stuffed potatoes until there wasn't anything else for me to make.  It was a weekend and we'd been working in the yard.  Todd sounded less than excited.  It turned out that they seemed like a lot of work, and then once done, weren't that great at all.  Bland, unexciting, part of the problem was I maybe used too much broccoli??  Who knows.  I served it with tomato soup.  This was double bad.  Baked potato as the main course was bad enough, but serving it with soup...  not good.  Todd was still hungry and generally unhappy and still occasionally brings this one up as what not to do with dinner.  I will say, though, that these might be good if taken to a dinner party.

Tomato-Basil Soup.  I should have known about the "no soup for dinner" rule since before I even made the stuffed potatoes & soup, I made this disaster of a meal.  I'd been at work and the podiatrist and just had a real hankering for tomato soup and caesar salad for dinner, so I found a recipe and stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  I think I was pre-menstrual at the time, so I was already walking a thin edge of sanity.  Todd was being resistant to the "soup for dinner" idea, and was baffled by my apparent determination to make this particular dinner.  It was stressful.  I eventually reached the part of the recipe where you pour the hot soup in the blender and purree it.  The blender was not put together properly, or else something horrible went wrong and tomato soup went EVERYWHERE.  Hot soup.  Hot RED soup.  In my hair, on my clothes, on the [unpainted, matte finish] walls, all over the stove, microwave, counters, floor... everywhere.  I burst into tears.  I think we ate the soup anyway.  You can still see soup splatters on the walls if you look carefully.  Todd was a gentleman and helped me clean it all up without getting mad.  

I know there might be more bad recipes, and there are at least some good stories about good recipes ruined (such as the awesome steaks that we had over the summer that caught fire on the grill and went unnoticed for quite a while... we ate them anyway).  Perhaps I'll post some more at a later time.  :)


Mary said...

Ok, I definitely understand the skepticism about the ice cream. At best, that sounds kind of like corn pudding; at worst, it sounds really gross. I also understand that the stuffed potatoes wouldn't be hearty enough for a main dish, but would probably be a good side with grilled chicken or something.

But, what the hell is wrong with soup for dinner? Now, admittedly, with a thin soup like tomato, I'd serve a hearty salad or sandwiches or something with it. But, even meat-and-potatoes Nick likes good homemade soup for dinner.

Kim said...

I've tried even hearty, chowder-like soups (in fact, that just reminded me of another recipe that I made that was not successful, but was a less interesting story). Todd is against soup for dinner unless it is stew or chili. He says he is still hungry after, but might be ok with it if I served it with a sandwich or another main course. For example, the avocado soup that I made for New Years was fine because we had a main course after. I haven't tried again in a while, as I get sick of having vats of soup left over that don't get eaten. Maybe he can defend his stance some more.

Jenny said...

My funny (at least I thought so) recent soup story. I got a recipe from a friend for broccoli rice soup and when I told Doug that's what we were having for dinner, he was clearly not convinced. Then later I heard him telling his mom how good it was! Fortunately he's a good sport about trying just about anything. BTW, I've been trying some new recipes lately and always enjoy reading about your recipe adventures. Also, in response to a previous post, I love reading cookbooks too. So does my sister - and she doesn't even cook!

Kim said...

Jenny has been set free by me turning anonymous comments back on! :)

Recipe stuff has been some of the most popular things on my blog of late, so I will certainly be adding more :) I'm going to try one of the crockpot365 recipes this weekend - peanut butter pork tenderloin.

The Soup Nazi said...

Soup for dinner SUCKS! No soup for you!

Nick said...

As a bachelor, soup for dinner is not just acceptable, but it's a staple.

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