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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day Sushi

I prefer eating in on Valentine's Day, as it is cheaper, more relaxing and just plain better. This year, we took a bit of a different tactic by deciding to make sushi at home for Valentine's Day. Awesome idea, poor planning.

In the afternoon, we went down to Wegman's. Someone had told me that they'd have sushi grade fish, which was nice because that meant I could buy the sushi grade fish and the fruit tart that I was craving in the same shopping trip. Great, except the entire state of Maryland decided to hit Wegman's on Saturday and because apparently they DON'T have sushi grade fish. The only other place that I knew to get sushi grade fish is on Route 40 in Catonsville (yes, I know where it is, there is no need to point this out, Catonsville folk). That was too far, since it was already about 4:30. So, we bought crab stick, avocado & cucumber (I had bought the rice, vinegars, sushi making items, nori, etc earlier in the week). We also picked up some nice steaks to have as a main course, moving the sushi to appetizer.

We brought it home, and I started making the rice at about 5:30. It took FOREVER. Rinse the rice, drain the rice, cook the rice, season the rice, let the rice sit... During the process, we started snacking on some Brie cheese and baguette that we'd bought from Wegman's. We opened a bottle of wine (Silver Oak that Todd had been saving and was DELICIOUS!!). Drank the wine.

Finally, the rice was done, after about an hour and a half of wine, baguette and cheese. We made a couple of rolls. Mine weren't that great, Todd's were better. I had made the rice wrong (too much wine) and the sushi was too vinegary. We ate the rolls, and then honestly we were full. And drunk.

So, for Valentines Day, we ate a baguette and some cheese a couple of poorly made sushi rolls. LOL! It was a great night, full of comic relief.

Plus, that meant that we got to eat the steaks last night and they were delicious!! It was like Valentines day was many days long.
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1 comment:

Sandra said...

My sis tried to make sushi with friends, and found it to be a big pain. Easier to just buy! Steaks sound more yummy anyway...

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