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Monday, March 9, 2009

Cathe's STS System Week 1 in Review

This week, I did the first week of Cathe's STS System. So far, so good. Last weekend, I did my 1 Rep Max for each exercise and discovered that I am stronger than I thought I was. The big problem that I have with 1 Rep Max is that sometimes for legs, I can't lift the weights over my head in order to attempt to find the 1RM. In other words, I either need to use a squat rack or increase my upper body strength enough to be able to lift the weights.

The weights problem wasn't too bad though, because this week I did many of the legs exercises with no weight at all. A lot of the legs exercises worked out only one leg at a time, or used body weight in order to be more safe but still be really, really hard. In fact, doing legs yesterday really kicked my ass.

As for the other two workouts? Well, they were divided into one video for chest, shoulders & biceps and the other for back & triceps. They were both tough and it felt good to hear Todd say that it was the first time he'd really, really seen me work at weights. Indeed, I've been cheating myself out of a good weight workout for years.

DOMS weren't quite as bad as I expected for upper body.  Legs, though....  OUCH.  For the first few hours, I felt it a little, but then during the night last night, I turned over in the bed and I barely could move!  So sore.  But, it's a good sore that means I'm working hard.  

For those that know the workouts, instead of paper plates, I used furniture movers.  For the exercises where I had to get all the way to the floor to pick up and put down weights...  Well, that didn't happen.  I couldn't get down deep enough at all.  For some of them, I held the weights the whole time and for others I didn't use weight.

This was the first week of mesocycle 1, which basically means 4 weeks with a particular focus. Mesocycle one is focused on muscle endurance. Three more weeks, and then I get to take a week off before starting mesocycle 2.


Davida said...

Hmmm...the mesocycles sound like the different muscle confusion phases that is built into the P90X workouts. I'm looking further into that topic...I'll pass along any information I find. V-

Kim said...

Yeah, I admit that I haven't been really really researching the "science" behind it all... I kind of trust Cathe just to tell me what to do... LOL

She did explain it on her site and I've heard that it's like P90X, although I've never tried P90X myself.

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