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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Running Group, Who needs ya?

Oh, Lake Elkhorn, how I miss you.

Today is Thursday, which means running group. However, here is my little rant about running group. I do not feel included in running group. I liked running group back in the fall when it was still warm and fairly light out. As a result, lots of people of varying abilities showed up. There were big packs of people doing 2:1s and 3:1s. I had my pick of who to run with. I didn't necessarily know everyone, but it was nice.

Then, winter. It's dark and cold. People that used to come during the summer have dropped out. What's left is the hard core people. The hard core people run faster than me. They do 5:1s and say that they're not going to kill themselves, then smoke me. They don't know me, they can't seem to remember my name (for the record, it's Kim). I feel like I go every week and beg someone to run with me. Then, I can tell that they want to do more than I'm capable of. So, last time I went (two weeks ago?), I decided not to ask anyone to run with me and figured that I'd run with whomever asked ME. Well, no one asked. So, I ran alone. In the dark. A clique of blondes passed me and didn't even say hello. I was embarassed and kind of sad.

So, I'm not running with them tonight. Once the marathon program starts, there should be more people going. Or, when the time changes. Then, it will be lighter out. I want to run at Elkhorn, but it's still too dark out. In April, I can run at Elkhorn. What did I do last year?? I know that I started running in April, so how did I do it? I need to go back and read old blogs.

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