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Friday, March 20, 2009

STS System Week 3 in Review

After only 3 weeks on this program, I am feeling stronger, faster and more in shape than ever. My weight is not necessarily going down as fast as I had hoped, but every other indicator that I have is showing me that things are just, well, awesome.

I started on Monday with Chest, Shoulders & Biceps. At first, it almost seemed like my weights were too easy, but I think that had more to do with the fact that I'd had 4 full days of rest for my upper body. As I got more into the workout, things got more difficult. The same was true for the push ups - you see, the chest workouts contain what any normal person would classify as an insane amount of pushups. It's a weakness for me and I end up doing them on my knees. However, this time, I was thinking that I could be doing them on my toes in no time! That is just when Cathe said, "ok, now let's bang out 30 pushups!" after already doing a ton. No way, man! I'm still on my knees for a while.

I'm still not getting the DOMS that I would have expected for my upper body, but I do feel like I'm a lot stronger. I did Back and Triceps yesterday, and just like the pushups, there are an insane amount of chinups/pullups in that workout. Now, I don't do real chinups, because I don't have a chinup bar. My chinups and pullups are done on the weight machine wtih as much weight as I can manage (right now, 50 pounds). They're basically lat pulldowns. It's about the same.

The only bad thing is that I'm seriously dreading the leg workouts. Don't get me wrong, they are working and I feel like they're making me a better runner. They are so hard. I get DOMS very bad and feel pretty worn out after. You'd think with all of the running, my legs would be in better shape! I'm working on it.

Can you believe I only have one more week of mesocycle 1? Crazy!


Sandra said...

What are (is) DOMS? I'm sure it is not what I think! Push ups are hard for me too, but you will see awesome arm/back this summer. No arm fat clapping as you walk/run...

Kim said...

DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

It's that "ouch" that you get a day or two after a workout. Brutal!

The great thing about pushups and chinups is that they work your upper body overall - Pushups are usually in chest workouts and chinups are in back workouts, but really they work everything - shoulder, chest, tricep, back, bicep... Overall arms. Still hard though.

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