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Thursday, March 5, 2009

TIART: Common Mistakes and Cardinal Sins of Running

The topic for Today's Take It And Run Thursday (TIART)* is "Common mistakes and cardinal sins of running."

My biggest mistake and misconception that I've made since starting running was to take in the false belief that I could eat whatever I want when I'm training for a distance race.  When I first started training for a marathon in 2006, I was going through a personal crisis and had taken several weeks off prior to the start of training.  I assumed that I could eat what I wanted during that period because certainly those pounds would just fly off of me once I started training for a marathon!  

So not true.

At the end of a long run, I would come home and do two things for the rest of the day - sleep and eat.  I felt like I'd run 20 miles, so I could do whatever my body wanted me to do, and my body wanted me to eat a full pan of brownies!  The five pounds that I gained during the few weeks of break time before marathon training turned into 25 pounds of added weight by the time Marine Corps came along.  That first marathon is still my PR, but I am certain that I would have had a better time if I had not chosen such poor eating choices.

Since then, I've learned what to eat and how to control my eating.  Still, though, I have trouble once those long runs get longer than about 15 miles, when the hunger sets in.  Half marathons are certainly easier for controlling weight, but for my next marathon, I will not make those same mistakes again.

*I'm going to try participating in this, since I've been having trouble coming up with blog topics on my own, lol.

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