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Thursday, March 12, 2009

TIART: Only In Running...

This week's Take It And Run Thursday (TIART):
Have you ever noticed that you definition of "acceptable" changes when it comes to your running? Your standards of public dislays of bodily functions lower, you find it acceptable to give bear hugs to sweaty complete strangers who you bonded with in the last mile of a tough race, you easily pay $100+ for a pair of shoes you may wear a few months, and on and on. Share your take of the interesting and peculiar things running brings into our lives.

For me, it's the clothes. I remember my very first run, on a treadmill at a friend's apartment complex gym. I wore a pair of sweatpants and a cotton t-shirt. After all, it horrified me to think that someone might see the fat on my legs jiggle. Let's be honest - I'm not exactly the thin body type that one usually thinks of when picturing a runner or marathoner. Even over four years of running later, I still have quite the jiggle in my thighs. These days, though, and only in running, I wear a singlet and short shorts... Comfort in the summer heat has taken precidence over looking good or hiding the jiggling thighs and arms. Something about running 26.2 multiple times makes me not really feel ashamed of every little body flaw. And, frankly, I've learned that people just don't care.

I've also learned to be totally cool with people who need to use the restroom just about anywhere. Sometimes, there's a real toilet, and sometimes it's just a port-o-potty. A lot of times, it's just a squat in the woods -- and that's ok, I'm here for you! I'm happy to wait or block the road so that passing drivers won't see you!

Finally, very little is off limits. We're a group of people that spend hours together doing nothing but running on a trail. I think I now know my running friends better than anyone else, and I miss them when I don't see them (like this past weekend, when I had to run alone). We talk about everything and anything - from sex to men to bodily functions to running to kids to ... everything, seriously. And what happens on the trial stays on the trail.

That's how it is and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Erik said...

so very true...

Amber said...

Love the last line "what happens on the trail stays on the trail" - I think this sums up a lot! Nice post.

Shilingi-Moja said...

Discovering tech clothing was a most welcome find. The cotton shirts got really annoying. I'd still just as soon not talk about bodily functions.

RunningLaur said...

Great post! I love how you've come to learn that no one really cares about the leg jiggle - that's a really hard one to overcome.

Davida said...

Ha! My first marathon training season, I said to Karen in March that I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts. By June I said "Screw that!"
My most recent marathon (January), I happily dashed into the woods to pop a squat (with several other ladies) while Todd stood watch with the other guys.
On long runs, I'm often talk about bodily functions in the most, ahem, vivid ways (much to Todd's chagrin).
Running clothes: Yep, gotta be technical, and gotta have style! Matching tops and bottoms are still so terrible important to me...

Kim said...

LOL Davida, I've heard about you guys and your crazy trail exploits. Do you know that while Saturday mornings are run time, Saturday afternoons are "Time for Kim and Todd reflect on run time?"


Davida said...

Argh! Tell him to respect the trail ode to secrecy!!!! Discretion, man! V-

foxdeath said...

On subject: I have given up trying to be modest. I learned over a year ago that the little shorty shorts were MUCH more comfortable in hot weather. I'm sorry if I offend people but they will just have to get over it - my comfort comes first!

Davida: I totally respect the fact that 'what happens on the trail, stays on the trail'...

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