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Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

This is the post that I wrote after my very first visit to Fleet Feet.  It's frickin' hilarious!

Looking back, it was pretty impressive that I went to this event at Fleet Feet where I knew basically no one.  I had never stepped into that store before.  I was terrified of it!  I think I spent a whole lot of time just hanging around, not really talking to anyone.  I had to wait to get fitted for the bra, and the person who fitted me had quit working there by the time I really got to know folks at the store.  

I also remember seeing Davida for the first time, and if you have met Davida, you know that she is unforgettable.  Davida and others were all gathering around, talking about marathon training.  Marathon training?!  Who DOES THAT?  It seemed like a huge, major commitment, and I was both jealous and not interested all at once!  LOL.

Anyway, read on.

1 comment:

V- said...

I absolutely love your "I'm a Running Diva" post from 2005. My...what a change four years make, right? So happy you decided to return to the store and begin running with the group. I remember when you first joined us as was the start of something BIG! V-

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