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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Let's Play a Game!

Several weeks ago, I found out that this guy in high school that I was in love with...  well, you know, high school in love with...  well, he is gay.  I spent hours of my time thinking about this guy, he was THE ONE!  I even had a huge fallout with my best friend that involved him (although he doesn't know this).  My best friend and I never had the same relationship again.  I won't go into details, but since he is gay, you know neither of us actually got him...  LOL.   Stupidity.  

Looking back, I guess it makes sense that he's gay.  I can kinda see it now, and he was always really nice to me.  I think about those memories now with an entirely different perspective - it's like watching The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects for the second time.

Anyway, what I've discovered is that Facebook has brought me in touch with all sorts of former flames.  So, I decided to post a little game.  Given a description of the guys that I dated (all 1996 and before) or had a crush on in high school, match them to what they're doing now.  Just for fun!

The Guys
  1. The one who got in a big fight with me at Homecoming
  2. President of the SGA
  3. Alter Boy at Church
  4. The artist
  5. The Republican Long-time Love
  6. Loved computer animation
  7. Band leader
  8. Loved japanese animation

What They're Doing Now
  1. Traveling the world
  2. Lives in Wisconsin
  3. Became an Evangelical Christian
  4. In the Ravens Marching Band.
  5. Plans weddings and events.
  6. Works in local politics.
  7. Became a cop.
  8. Lead developer at Microsoft

Also -- notice that there are no jocks on the list...  Not my type.  Who'd have thought I'd end up with a lacrosse playing frat boy?


Sandra said...

1. 2

2. 6

3. 3

4. 1

5. 7

6. 8

7. 4

8. 5

Kim said...

Sandra wins! LOL

The answers:

The one who got in a big fight with me at Homecoming - works in local politics, although he also is a Republican, so Sandra was kind of right.

President of the SGA - became a cop

Alter Boy at Church - traveling the world

The artist - plans weddings and events

The Republican Long-time Love - became an Evangelical Christian

Loved computer animation - lead developer at Microsoft

Band leader - in the Ravens marching band

Loved japanese animation - lives in Wisconsin

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