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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Gardening

We spent this past weekend doing a ton of yardwork and got a lot done.  I planted my plants in pots and Todd worked on a deck project.

Todd is excited about gardening.
From Random Photos 2009

From Random Photos 2009
I had ordered a bunch of Cascadia Petunias online (I'll review the nursery at another time).  They didn't exactly come as I expected, but I think they'll perk up quite a bit as time goes on. They're supposed to turn out something like these, but I don't know if I bought enough to get that effect.  I'll have to keep them maintained and we'll see what we get.  I'll post photos of the petunias later, they are definitely not impressive right now.  

I didn't have enough plants to fill all of the pots.  I did two pots like the one above - with a spike and a vinca vine and Dianthus.  This is my first year with dianthus, so we'll see how they turn out.  

My corner garden
From Random Photos 2009

From Random Photos 2009

The photo above the fruit of my hard labor in the fall.  I planted mums and pansies in the fall and then around the mums, placed tulip bulbs.  The mums bloomed until we got to winter.  A few weeks ago, the pansies perked up (except one right in the front), and the tulips came up!  They look awesome and beautiful and it's made it very nice to drive up to the house, as it's the first thing you see.  I'll be pulling the pansies out within the next couple of weeks and putting in a summer annual.  The mums are already coming up in the middle of the tulips.

Trojan the Rubber Plant
From Random Photos 2009

I did some indoor plant maintenance, repotting Trojan the Rubber Plant (if you click that link, you can see how small he was just a year ago).  Thus far, The Bug hasn't taken any interest in Trojan (although he's brutally attacked Seamus twice).  Just in case, I covered his soil with polished river stones, as you can see in the photo.  That will hopefully keep The Bug from digging around in the pot.  I also hope he won't knock the whole thing over.  Regardless, both Trojan and Seamus are safely locked away and The Bug only has access to them when he is supervised.

The Bug is on high alert
From Random Photos 2009

Speaking of The Bug, he has really been enjoying the warm weather and spent a lot of time observing us on our chores.

From Random Photos 2009

From Random Photos 2009
So, what was Todd up to while I was planting?  Well, he was digging out the area below the deck and covering it with a layer of pebbles.  It really makes a HUGE difference and looks awesome.  We're thinking of placing some pots in the ground in the stones and planting Hostas or another shade plant.    Here's a question - would you bury the pots and plant the Hostas or would you set the pots on the ground?  Would you plant Hostas or something else?

I'd like to get some hanging planters and find somewhere to hang them as well.  We have some other big plans for the yard this year, but I think right now it's coming along nicely.


Jenny said...

How lovely!! I like your pots - they look professional! I think the hostas around the deck would look better coming from ground level than up in pots. Do you get any deer in your yard? They supposedly love to eat hostas - just something to consider. Someday I'd like to spend more time improving our yard, but I just don't see it happening this year :)

Nick said...

Hostas are pretty good if you're looking for some cover. They grow like mad once they're in. I'd say go for it.

Nick said...

Also, did you put in plastic edging around the pebbles under the deck?

Kim said...

I didn't show my other pots, I just realized... We are trying evergreen boxwoods in the front of the house in the hopes that they will stay green all winter and we won't have to drive up to the house with nothing planted for a season... I'll show them later.

Anyway. We don't really get deer, although we do get a lot of rabbits, which is what I think has been eating the tulips. I usually don't actually like hostas that much, but I need to see if I can pick out some good ones.

foxdeath said...

Nope, no plastic edging but I did dig a nice edge around the entire deck so the pebbles wont get scattered. I also put down a layer of landscaping cloth to prevent weeds and grass from growing.

Nick said...

Very nice.

Mary said...

I'm not sure about hosta at that location. Besides deer, you also have to worry about moles eating the tubers they sprout from--we don't have that problem since it appears there is too much crap in our ground to attract them, but you are more out in the country, so that might not work for you. Plus, hostas really need a lot of shade and the edge of your plants that aren't completely shaded by your deck will burn. I'm not sure what else to recommend as I'm not sure of your overall goal with the plants.

In any case, pansies will actually do pretty well until about the end of June unless it gets and stays really hot, really fast, so I'm actually think I'm going to grow some annuals from seed in the next couple of weeks and then maybe add a few more plants later as the foliage from my tulips and daffodils dies off. I also want to put some herbs in pots on the deck since that gets full sun all day.

Kim said...

I don't think we've had a mole issue so far, but I'm not sure.

I noticed last night that a rabbit had eaten 3 sets of my pansies... No blossoms on them at all. Some others were battered pretty bad as well. I'm sure there are deer around, but we've never seen any in our yard. I think they probably stay farther towards the end of the neighborhood.

Sandra said...

Wow! great job. I am going to be doing most of my garden in May, around Mom's day on advice of other gardeners here. I am addicted to the self-watering containers (including hanging planters) from They even offer insert to turn a reg. pot or basket to a self-watering one. Not that you don't water at all, just about 1/3 the amount which gives my plants a fighting chance.

I agree about the hostas, so many beautiful varieties but definitely a shade plant. I have some around my tree in front and they get a little droopy, even though only a lil sun. Some herb deck rail boxes might be nice as well. I have two I am going to do flowers in on the front porch rail, and mix it up like your flower pots. I'm waiting for wave petunias to come around in another week or so, as they have tons of blooms w/little work.

Around the deck, I would suggest a possibility: mint, but plant in containers in the ground as it will take over. Smells good and is said to be an insect repellent. Also good for mojitos!

Kim said...

Sandra, I've been looking a lot at I haven't been able to decide on what to buy, but I think I am going to get some watering spikes. We don't have the self-watering containers, maybe I can convert to them next year.

Maybe we shouldn't put anything under the deck? I'd like to get some hanging planters or some other things to get some plants higher up, but I've been having trouble making a decision on that front. Perhaps just a shepherd's hook since we have a spare one in the shed (although Todd hates them for some reason).

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