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Thursday, April 30, 2009

STS Week 9 In Review

After 3 weeks of upper body workouts that were well over 60 minutes each, it was different to have all 3 workouts this week be under 50 minutes.  We did drop sets for upper body (and stuck with the tri sets for lower), and as a result, there weren't the long 60 second breaks between every single set.  These workouts just flew by.  I admit, though, that while I like drop sets for how fast they are, I don't feel like I was getting quite as good of a workout as I was with some of the other methods this month.  Maybe I'm just getting stronger?  Who knows.

I'm up to 80% of my 1 Rep Max on weights, which is pretty incredible.  I'm lifting 35-40 pounds on many exercises (such as chest press), which makes it tough for me to lift the bar.  So, I'm strongly considering purchasing Cathe's Power Tower, but that's not really going to help me out with anything until late in the year.  Dammit!

Tuesday morning when I did legs, I felt super-strong, so I'm really hoping that all of this lifting is going to make for a wonderful race on Sunday.  Sadly, I have to work Friday night until very early Saturday morning, so that is going to put a little kink in my pre-race preparation.  I'm dreading Friday night like a root canal - not because I dislike working or I'm not willing to be there, just that I feel like I should be resting on Friday night in order to have a great race on Sunday.

Here's a weird thing:  I have a race on Sunday, and I always take the week following a major race off from running.  So, no running until May 9.  This week is also the end of mesocycle 2, and Cathe requires a week off from weight training between mesocycles..........  So, I have NOTHING TO DO next week.  What do I do?  I can't really do NOTHING, as I'd blow up like a balloon, but I think I'll take the week to do some walking workouts on the treadmill (and maybe outside) and also do some step workouts and such.  It's killing me that I can't go to the pool and start swimming until the end of May.  This time next month I'll be in the pool, though, so I can count on having that for my break after mesocycle 3.

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