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Thursday, April 30, 2009

TIART: Finding the Time

This week's Take it and Run Thursday theme is ... Time and Balance.  One of the continuing challenges we hear from runners is finding the time to run and balance running with all the other priorities in our lives.  How do you do it?  What are one or two things you have found that help you find time or make time for your runs.  What do you struggle with in balancing what you want to do with your running with all you "need" to do? 

It is true, running is time-consuming.  It can be hard to fit everything in, but if you make running a priority, you will find that you do have the time.  Here are some simple rules to follow to be sure that you can always find time to run.

Rule #1: Running Comes First
For weekday runs, I am happiest if running is the very first thing that I do in the morning.  You will find that if you get that run finished before work, things are so much happier for the rest of the day.  If not, though, do the next best thing - make sure running is the first thing that you do when you walk in the door from work.  If I can't get a run finished in the morning, I definitely have to do it first thing when I get home.  The longer you wait, the more excuses you can make to back out of it.

What about long runs?  Well, again, I like to get them finished first thing - early Saturday morning.  Then, it's over and done with and you can get on with the rest of your weekend.  The longer I wait on a Saturday to get in a run, or the longer I wait in the weekend, well, that's bad.

Rule #2: You Have The Time
Trust me, you have the time.  Think about all of the time you waste each day - sitting and watching television or surfing the internet.  Think about the extra 15 minutes that you didn't need to sleep today.   Think about all of the little bits and pieces during your day where you do nothing...  You can certainly find 45-60 minutes in which to run.  I know you can.

Rule #3: Commit to What You Can Handle
The longer the race, the more of a time commitment you're going to have to train for it.  So, don't sign up to run a marathon if you think you can't find the time to do a 4-6 hour long run a couple times in the months leading up to it.  Seems like a no-brainer, but as a group leader, you'd be surprised how often people drop out of the program because of other commitments that they'd signed up for before signing up for training.  Of course, if they'd followed Rule #1, it wouldn't be a problem, now would it? :)

Rule #4: Find a Group Or Buddy
How does this sound - get up at 6:30am or so on a Saturday to drive 40 minutes to the trail to run 10 miles in 15 degree temperatures.  Horrible???  Well, there's nothing that makes me more likely to actually follow through and do it than if I have a few people meeting me there.  If you have someone who is depending on you to show up for your run, you will go.  Just find a group, and all of the other problems will disappear!


trialsoftraining said...

Rule #3 is Sooooo true/important. I wanted to do a Full this year, but between this internship/job searches/moving/ wasn't going to happen this Spring. I had to know that I could Really commit to the training - and right now that's not the case. So, more halfs it is! Which is juuuust fine :)

tfh said...

I so agree about getting it over and done with in the morning! I also am a little embarrassed to admit how much more fit I could be if I replaced all the time I spend watching tv with working out...somehow I don't have any trouble making time for 2 hour reality shows. ;)

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