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Thursday, April 9, 2009

TIART: Online Running Tools

This week's theme is ... Running Technology Tips.  Calling all Garmin, Nike plus, iPod, iPhone and all other running gadget junkies.   Share your tips for selecting, buying, and using your favorite running toys that also make your running more enjoyable.

It's funny because my co-workers and I have recently gotten into Geocaching.  As a result, I just bought a hand-held GPS and some folks were floored that I didn't buy a Garmin Forerunner.  Thing is, I am really not that into the GPS's for running.  I don't need to know every single detail of my runs and I find that running simply - just getting your shoes on and hitting the pavement - is the best way to go.  My watch beeps for intervals and keeps track of chrono, but that is about it.

I do use some online running tools though.  I log every single run in Voomaxer.  I found it as a Facebook application, and I think it's great to see what my friends are doing.  It helps me to know how many miles each of my pairs of shoes has on them, and keeps me motivated to speed up.  Note, though, that Voomaxer is missing a crucial feature: EXPORT.  I have a year and a half of runs in there and I can't get them out.  I have found another app,, which I think is better than Voomaxer, but I feel committed to Voomaxer because I can't export.  One of these days, I will have to sit and enter all of my runs one  by one into  Sigh.

The other website that I use is Gmap Pedometer.  Since I don't have a GPS, I keep track of my runs by entering them into this simple website.  I've found it to be the most accurate, since I compared Gmap Pedometer with and driving the route in my car one day.  I found that Gmap Pedometer and my car were right equal with each other.  MapMyRun, however, was terribly off in its calculations, saying I went much farther than I did.  The difference, supposedly, comes from differences in altitude during the run (my home course is very hilly).  Perhaps, but for me the difference for MapMyRun was enough that I will not use that website.  Now that Gmap Pedometer has the ability to map the route by automatically following roads, it makes things a lot easier!  Simple is better.


raulgonemobile said...

Ooo. I like Geocaching. I got a Garmin for that before I started running. Of course the "trail" variety of GPSes aren't really suitable to run with, so I was 'forced' to pick up a Forerunner

The Duck said...

Mapmyrun is awesome!

V- said...

Thanks for the tip re: I'm still faithfully copying my Voomaxer stats to OneNote. Maybe is the answer for me. Yet another project...sigh!

I will also check out GMAP Pedometer and suggest it to friends that use MapMyRun. V-

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