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Thursday, April 2, 2009

TIART: Shoe Talk

This week's Take it and Run Thursday (TIART) ... Ode to My Running Shoes. Runners are crazy about their running shoes. We know your friends and family stopped being interested in hearing you talk about your running shoes about six pairs ago, but your fellow runners just can't get enough. Tell us about your favorite running shoes, why you bought them, why you love them and what they do for your running. Only one catch - you need to do it in the same number of words as the dollars it took to buy them.

I'm not so sure about the "write in the same number of words as the dollars it took to buy them" part, but I'll talk about my shoes, sure.

I started out with Asics, but now I wear a pair of New Balance 768s. There isn't anything special about them. I have 3 pairs of them, though... One, I wear out on the trail. They have close to 500 miles on them and I'll be retiring them soon. The second pair (identical to the first), I wear on the treadmill exclusively so that the treadmill doesn't get all dirty and muddy and nasty. It also keeps my nearby aerobics floor clean, since I often lay down on the floor there. The treadmill shoes have about 175 miles on them, and they will become my trail running shoes as soon as I retire my current outdoor shoes. The third pair is new. I haven't worn them yet and they're all set to become my new treadmill shoes when I retire the outdoor shoes.

I've stopped getting refitted for new shoes all the time, and I don't spend the money on shoes that I once did. There isn't anything wrong with the 768s, and when I bought the new pair, I paid 50% of the price that I paid for the first pair, since they're older shoes. Once I can't find 768s, I'll get refitted and switch shoes. In this economy, I really can't spend too much on shoes all the time... I've also learned that I can get a lot more out of a pair of shoes than I previously thought. I would have retired my outdoor shoes months ago if I didn't start logging how many miles my shoes have on them. Now, I know exactly what mileage my shoes have on them and when they are ready to be retired.

All of that money savings gave me some extra cash to spend on Breath Thermo this winter! :)

(That was a lot longer than what I paid for my shoes. Oh well)

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