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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Frederick Half Marathon 2009

Pre-race, working for me: Excellent training, increased pace on short runs, Cardio Coach, Cathe's STS System (heavy weight training), lots of hill training, weather calling for cool, overcast and possibly rain.

Pre-race, working against me: Early start time, Friday night all-nighter at work, possible over training in taper (feeling kinda tired in the legs), 6-8 pounds heavier than in 2008, felt slightly dehydrated at the start.

... but it all worked out in the end, apparently.

I spent Friday night at work. I arrived at work Friday morning at 9am, and I left work Saturday morning around 5:30am. I kept going into the break room to lay on the sofa, but never actually fell asleep (we were waiting on a hardware problem during our deploy). I did rest some, though. I spent most of the night worried, WORRIED that I was absolutely destroying my race and picturing a horrible repeat of the Baltimore Half. I stumbled home (with the assistance of Todd), and was in bed around 6am, only to wake up when the mailman rang the doorbell at about 11:15.

We spent Saturday relaxing around the house and greatly reduced our pre-race plans to only what was absolutely necessary (Todd had not slept Friday night either). I made a pot of spaghetti and packed it in Tupperware. Around 5:30, we left for Frederick, with food, race stuff and a minimal amount of overnight things.

The expo was better than last year, but we really weren't interested in any of the vendors. I think my shirt is too big, which is becoming really typical of race shirts. As we left the expo, the twilight 5k was just starting, which was kinda cool. We didn't stay to watch, though.

We headed to our hotel (the Residence Inn Frederick, it was very nice). We pretty much spent the rest of the evening eating the spaghetti that I made, watching Discovery channel, and relaxing. Bedtime around 10pm.

We were up at 4:30, and had breakfast and headed to the race. The weather was overcast but did not feel really chilly like I was expecting. Things were feeling pretty good, actually. I searched for Dannielle at the start, but couldn't find her. There was one point where I actually lost Todd and thought I wouldn't see him again before the race, but he returned and we started together (still no Dannielle).

I was doing 1:1s, which always makes me feel incredibly awesome for a race. About 5 minutes into the race, Dannielle and Ann showed up, which made me very happy!! They stuck with me, and Ann went on ahead about mile 3.

What a great race. I was watching the splits tick by - 12:15, 12:15, 11:51 (!), 12:15... I was feeling really great at the 12:15 pace, so I didn't feel a need to slow down. The 1:1s were working and the conversations with Dannielle were passing the time quickly. Around mile 7 (I think?? It was near TJ High School), the rain was really coming down. It had been spitting drizzle for most of the early part of the race, but from about mile 6 or 7 on, it was really a soaking rain. It felt good. I was cold at times, but I would SO MUCH rather have a soaking rain than a hot, sunny day like in Baltimore. My shoes started feeling sloppy and squishy by about mile 10, and that wasn't a good feeling, but it really didn't affect my running at all. I can't say I'd want the rain for a marathon, but for a half it wasn't bad.

At some point at about mile 11, I started facing that I was looking at a PR. I'd been steadfastly ignoring this fact for the majority of the race, but I finally had to really take note. I discussed with Dannielle, who determined that yes, I was probably going to PR, even if I started mostly walking. I felt good, but my legs were admittedly a bit tired. We had been chit chatting for the whole race, having a great time!

The hill in mile 13 was not as bad as it was last year. Everything was good, and we ran it in at the fairgrounds (I still just cannot run in more than about a quarter mile... that is something mental). I crossed the finish line 3 minutes ahead of my PR.

It was a great race. I'm very happy that Friday night didn't kill my time, and I think I found a new tradition of laying low and eating homemade food in the hotel room the night before.

(Todd set a new PR too... he rocks!)

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Lyss said...

Awesome job!!! Too bad I didn't see you guys. Frederick is my favorite race so far now. I think I may have to do this every year. See ya on Saturday!

Sandra said...

Congrats on a good race for both of you

Wacky Neighbor said...

Congratulations! Nice time!

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