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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kim VS. The Slugs

After my wonderful planting that I did last weekend, yesterday after my run I did a walk around my yard to see how my plants are doing.  That's when I saw that my Zinnias have holes all in the leaves, some of them are almost destroyed.  I was furious!  

I inspected them and found the culprit: slugs.  They had slugs all over them.  I was angry, I was really really pissed!  I took one and tried to feed it to the annoying mockingbird who has taken up residence in our yard.  The mockingbird would have none of it.  The mockingbird is a different story, but he's become a big part of our daily lives because he is so irritating.

I stormed into the shed and found some insecticide.  Slugs were not listed among the things that it killed, but I went anyway and sprayed all of the zinnias with it.  I don't know if I did anything other than annoy the slugs.

So, today I did some research and came across this site that talks about using coffee grounds to keep slugs away.  Ok.  Worth a try.  I am not a coffee drinker, so I went into the break room in the office and stole the coffee grounds out of the pot.  One of our company board members was in there talking to someone and gave me a weird look, but I did not explain.  I will put the coffee grounds around the zinnias tonight.

Death to slugs!


Mary said...

coffee grounds are also good for your plants anyway. They add good stuff to your soil.

Nick said...

You can also use beer to kill slugs.

Kim said...

I think part of the problem is definitely all of this rain we've been getting and the fact that slugs apparently love zinnias.

I feel bad for the poor little guys, I wish the mockingbird would eat them.

Kim said...

I like the beer idea though.

I will check the slug status this evening.

Lyss said...

Yes my pop-pop always used beer!

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