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Friday, May 8, 2009

STS Week 10 In Review


Sweet week off.

I could pick anything to do this week, but it couldn't be running (as this is my post-half marathon non-running week) and it couldn't be weights (as I'm between mesocycles).

Sadly, what I wanted to do most was run.  Something about setting a new PR at a major race makes me want to run - especially when I've run 2 races so far in the 2009-2010 season and they've BOTH been PRs!

Well, I took Monday and Tuesday totally off.  I didn't have to, I wasn't feeling bad, but I thought I deserved the extra rest.  Wednesday, I did an "easy day" of 45 minutes of Cathe's Step Jump & Pump (only the Step and Jump parts).  Something feels awesome about doing these step workouts, so I did another on Thursday - IMAX2.  That's my go-to video for when I'm looking to do something fun.  It's more difficult than Step, Jump & Pump and I feel like I flop around and I'm not nearly as good at the advanced step workouts as I used to be when I did them all the time.  I was even a little sore after IMAX2...

Today is a bit weird because I don't normally workout on the day before my long run, but tomorrow's long run is only 4 miles.  This morning the major issue was that I didn't feel like doing a step workout and I really didn't feel like hopping on the treadmill.  The sun was shining and I wanted to run!!  But, no.  I inisist that I take a week off.  I think I'll probably do something light when I get home tonight.  We have a work party today (celebration after last week's long night), so I'll probably be needing to burn off some calories...  

In other news, I am going to focus a little more on swimming this season.  Our pool membership starts May 23, and I guarantee that we'll be there that weekend.  I've purchased a book in which I'm supposed to learn how to be a better and more efficient swimmer, at least at freestyle.  I'm pretty psyched about working on this because I still don't plan to swim competitively, so this is something that I am doing purely for fun (and somewhat for scuba diving).  It will give me something to focus on as I head into the grueling summer months of marathon training.  

And, finally, my finally finalized race schedule for this season:
  • March 15, Shamrock 5k
  • May 3, Frederick Half Marathon
  • June 7, Race for Our Kids 10k
  • July 12, Pikesville 5k
  • August 30, Annapolis 10 Mile Run
  • September 20, Philadelphia Distance Run 
  • October 24, Tower of Terror 13k
  • December 20, Celtic Solstice 5 Mile Run
  • January 10, Walt Disney World Marathon


V- said...

I know exactly what you mean about promising yourself to take a few days rest but still feeling this undeniable urge to run. I knew that after my race on Sunday, I could hold up my end of that promise up until Thursday. On Thursday, I gladly gave into the urge and ran on the treadmill (light on miles and time and folded in some stationary biking in between...ugh!). Then went crazy on Friday, joined my friends for a 7 mile morning run. Felt great!

Great job on keeping your rest promise throughout the week. And keep up the great work on your strength training activities - the progress you're making with STS is fantastic! V-

Kim said...

Thank you!! I did 30 mins of step aerobics last night, which was "easy." I have new treadmill shoes that haven't been worn yet and decided I wasn't going to walk on the treadmill as planned because I didn't feel like dealing with them.

This morning, ran at Fleet feet for 3.7 miles and frankly don't feel like I did enough, but I'm not going to go out and run again like I'd like to. Rest! I'll be dying to take a break from running in about 3 months... LOL

V- said...

You're stronger than me. After today's 3.5 miler with the Galloway group in NYC, I was itching to do more. I'm thinking about lacing up and returning to the city for a nice 5-6 miler. But with tomorrow being Mother's Day and all, we'll have to see...V-

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