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Friday, May 22, 2009

STS Week 12 In Review

12 weeks... a full 3 months!

This week, the upper body workouts were much the same as last week.  I feel as though I've gained some serious strength and the weights didn't seem heavy enough.  Still, Cathe keeps saying not to change my weights, so I'm trying not to.  I will be happy to be done with this mesocycle purely from the fact that the upper body workouts are so long and the lower body workouts are so tough.

Yep, I did plyo legs again.  And I hate to say it, but this week's plyo legs was harder than last week's.  Do you believe that?  There was a lot more jumping on and off of the step and that sort of thing and I really thought about just falling over and dying several times.  Todd came down and watched me for part of it and seemed uninterested in doing any part of the workout with me.  That being said, it feels so good when I'm done with the workout and I do feel like I'm getting stronger.

This week, our pool membership starts, so I'll be able to start getting into the pool.  I haven't finished Total Immersion, but hopefully I can be a little closer to doing the drills by the time I actually get into the pool. 

As far as running goes, I did have some pain on Tuesday morning during my short run, in my left hip same as always.  The interesting part was that the night before we'd fallen asleep on the sofa and I'd woken up with hip pain before we went upstairs to get in bed.  I think perhaps my hip pain is directly related to sleeping on the sofa and other such nonsense.  My leg pillow came, but I have yet to take it out of the box (it has been a fairly busy week!!!!).  Last night, I did a hill workout outside and didn't have any pain at all.  At least now, I'm making notes about the hip pain in my logyourrun log so I can keep track of when I have it and when I don't.  Regardless, it remains mild enough to not affect my form, speed or happiness during a run.  It's just annoying.

Two more weeks I'll have completed my STS training!

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