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Sunday, May 31, 2009

STS Week 13 in Review

This was the heaviest week of the entire STS Rotation. I lifted 90% of my 1 Rep Max and it felt almost easy. This week was 4 sets of only 6 reps and next week I go back to 85% of my 1 Rep Max, but I do 8 reps.

The plyo legs are still really difficult, but I'm liking them because they make me feel like I'm working the hardest that I possibly can in a workout. Oof, just really difficult.

I screwed up this week and didn't get up early and do the second upper body video on Friday morning like I wanted to. I couldn't work out Friday night because we had plans. So, after my 7 mile run on Saturday morning, I came home and did the workout.

Also Saturday, Todd and I finally made it to the pool. I started Lesson #1 of Total Immersion and found it to be harder than expected. I felt like I was flopping around a lot, but I am excited to give Lesson 1 another try and also to start Lesson 2. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be swimming like a pro.

Today was the Maryland Half Marathon. I didn't run but Todd and quite a few people that we know ran. I volunteered at a couple of water stops and then ran some at the end (just a couple miles). Hooray for everyone who ran! It was a nice day, but it was hot and it looked like the course was tough.

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