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Thursday, May 7, 2009

TIART: Three Great Running Moms

This week's theme is ... Salute to Running Moms.  With Mother's Day around the corner, we thought it would be great to have you talk about a running mom who inspires you, makes you laugh, kicks you in the butt when you need it, coaches you, runs with you, brings you water, or just simply runs.   Write up your own salute to the mom.  We will leave it to you if each line starts with a letter of R-U-N-N-I-N-G M-O-M or any other tribute you create - have fun with it.

As I sat here and thought about this one, I realized that I don't know a whole lot of moms who run.  So, I had to think on it and I want to salute three moms who run that I know and love.

Kristy is a mother of two.  She has been there with me from my very first Galloway training session in 2006.  We've run side by side, sometimes in step, for mile after mile after mile.  She's been there with me in some of my best times and some of my worst.  We know each other well, and we know all of each others secrets.  She does, of course, take time for her kids, and I know that some days she won't be able to meet up because she has a soccer game or birthday party to attend.  Kristy rocks and I'd trust her with anything.

Esmerelda is a self-proclaimed couch potato turned triathlete and it's been fun watching her turn herself into a well-oiled machine.  She is also a mom to two, but also divorced.  She is very real in her accounts of her races, and I don't quite know how she does it all.  Time after time, she keeps on keepin on, and I admire her for it.

My lovely sister, also a mom to two.  I admit, I do get disappointed when she wimps out because it's "too cold" to run in 55 degree weather, but she's a Floridian now, so I guess I can excuse her.  She started running because of me *blush* and is thinking about running some longer distance races - fingers crossed that she'll do it.  She's been my support for the past four years, always asking me about my running and my races, and I love her for it.  She was there for me for both of my Disney Marathons, and stood out in the cold with me when Todd ran Gasparilla.  She is amazing and awesome and I can't wait until I see her this summer!

So, what do all of these moms have in common?  The fact that they take time out for themselves.  They set goals and do things that don't necessarily revolve around children.  I think they're happier because they are watching out for what they want to do.  Even better, they're setting great examples for their kids.  Esmerelda's kids are looking to do a kids triathlon and Sharon's kids have both won medals in the "Flight of the Eagle" race at their school.  How great is it that they're doing that?!  I love all three of them and I hope that if I ever become a mom, I can be half as good as these three ladies.


Sandra said...

My sis, MB, is a great mom and a runner. As a single mom, she works hard to balance life with job, child, school and running. Running is probably the thing that keeps her sane, and she has introduced me to running as well. I am very proud of her.

Kim said...

Seriously, I don't know how the single moms do it. I don't know how the married moms do it. I don't know how MOMS do it, period. Being a mom and a runner is truly something to admire.

trialsoftraining said...

Great post :)
They are also probably having such a good influence on their kids - whether they realize this now or later. Definitely something to be proud of and admire!

tfh said...

I think that's so important-- setting goals and time to devote to oneself as a mom and not just one children. It's nice that these running moms prove that it's not selfish and it does make them better parents. Thanks for introducing us to three great ones.

V- said...

I nominate Randi, Beth and Kristin for running moms of the century awards! All are raising two school-aged kids (Randi's Nadia and Aidan, Beth's Owen and Ben and Kristin's Lindsay and Grant). Randi and Beth run on their own on the weekdays, often first thing in the morning before the household wakes up, and run together at Loch Raven for their long weekend runs. They meet up faithfully for runs, no matter how crazy and hectic family life becomes. In fact, Randi and Beth did the B&A Marathon this past March while raising money for Back On My Feet (an organization Beth volunteers for and runs with regularly). In addition, Randi and Beth were my teammates for the American Odyssey Relay Adventure Run (200+ Miles in 2 days from Gettysburg, PA to the Washington Monument in DC). On top of everything else (family, volunteering/fundraising, training), Beth captained our team. Amazing!!!

Kristin is my weekday running partner. She also runs first thing in the morning (and I often run with her at 5:30am...ugh!). Kristin works as a special aids teacher for the Montgomery County Public School system and does charity work for her church (most often builds/fixes up homes, foster animals, etc.). And she's having an amazing race year - PR'd a half-marathon and turned in a superfast 10 Miler/10 K this Spring. I'm doing my best to get Kristin to train with me for a BQ this year, but she always tells me that despite her joy of running, her kids come first! Wonderful! V-

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