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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cathe STS System In Review

So, overall this was a wonderful investment. I think of it this way... My other planned alternative was to go to a personal trainer. Usually, trainers cost somewhere around $60 a session. I went 13 weeks on this plan, 3x per week. Even if I'm generous and say that I had 2 off weeks and that maybe I could lower it to training with a trainer 2x per week, that still puts the cost of equivalent personal training at $1320 for this program. I paid $299 (I think), and I get to start it again in July and do it all over! That is a tremendous savings!!

First, let's discuss what I liked. I LOVED Plyo Legs! I thought they were awesome and can't imagine buying a squat rack in order to do the squat rack portion instead. I'm plyo legs all the way. Going through those workouts made me feel strong and powerful. At the end, I was tired but felt great. I love, love, LOVED them.

I thought all of the mesocycles were good and served their purposes well. Mesocycle 1 had shorter workouts, and moved a lot faster. Mesocycle 3 included long, slow workouts, but very heavy weights so that's understandable.

My only real complaint is that I wish Cathe would have gotten on with it sometimes... There is a timer on the screen that counts down to show you how much time is left in the rest period and at times Cathe kept talking after the timer went down, or she wasted a bunch of time chit chatting and then wasn't ready to start when the timer reached zero. This is fine when it's the first time doing a particular exercise and maybe she wants to give a form pointer, but it got annoying in Mesocycle 3 when we'd been doing the same exercises over and over for three weeks.

As for results, I have consistently been faster in my running since starting STS. I have set 2 PRs, and when I run, I feel stronger and better. Running has been easier, hills have been easier, and I've been faster. I've lost a tiny bit of weight (2 or 3 pounds), but my clothes are fitting better. I can get into my "skinny jeans." I can feel the muscle tone in my arms and I expect after completing the STS program a second time, I'll be able to better see this tone, rather than just feeling it.

Next week, I start doing my 1 Rep Max tests again to prepare for doing STS. I can't wait to see how much stronger I've become! I give the system a thumbs up, and definitely recommend it.

I'll be starting STS again in July, after we get home from our trip to Little Cayman. I won't be blogging it weekly like I did this time, though. Expect some updates, but not a ton. Thanks for reading!


V- said...

That's awesome, Kim. Hooray for the skinny jeans!!! You've lost 2 to 3 lbs of scale weight, but you gained some serious muscle, so you made a lot of progress! As for changing around your eating to further change your body into a fat-burning machine, I have a book to recommend and lend - Outsmarting the Female Fat Friend. I'll chuck it to you on facebook. V-

Kim said...

I'll check it out, Davida! Thank you! :)

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