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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dave Barry on Diving

In my search for books to read in my upcoming dive trip, I stumbled upon this article by Dave Barry on Scuba Diving...  Blub Story.  Very hilarious.  And quite true.

I need books...  Because, you know, I don't have enough books.  And Todd's mom gave me an Amazon gift certificate for my birthday.  Thinking of reading my friend Kate's latest.  Gotta get them soon, as I am seriously running out of time.

Has anyone read Pillars of the Earth?  Is it too heavy to be a vacation read?


Steph said...

I am also planning on reading Kate's book on my vacation. I leave next Friday.

Kim said...

Did you read the first one? I thought it was pretty good. I read it in Turks & Caicos.

Steph said...

I did read the first one. I actually own a signed copy. I enjoyed it.
Have a wonderful wedding. Can't wait to see pictures.

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