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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is my birthday.

What to write about, what to write about.

Well, it's my birthday. I was born at 10:39am on June 16, 1978. It was a Friday. I was a c-section. My mom wanted my birthday to be June 17, because that is the same as my sisters' birthdays (they are twins). The doctor was going out of town (to Ocean City) for the weekend and preferred to do the C-section on Friday before he left for the beach. I was a planned c-section because my mom had given birth to a stillborn baby years before. It worked out for me, since here I am! In the end, I was happy to have been born on the 16th and not the 17th because I have *my* special day that I don't have to share with my sisters.

Growing up, June 16 was nice because it was equidistant from Christmas, so when people gave me clothes, I would receive both winter and summer clothes for both holidays. However, this day wasn't nice because it tended to fall so close to both the end of school and Father's Day. The end of school meant it was questionable if I was going to be able to have cupcakes or whatever at school. Sometimes my birthday was the last day of school, which was kind of interesting. Often, my family would plan my birthday party on Father's Day and as a result, a lot of my friends couldn't come.

I'm not sure what is up with June 16, but I know a bunch of folks that share my birthday. Not famous people, mind you, just regular folks. In middle school, my best friend (Becky) was also born on June 16th. One of my best friends from middle/high school (Johnny) also has his birthday today. My cousin, Paul, was born on June 16. I see from Facebook that 3 other people on my friends list are celebrating birthdays today.

My most memorable birthday was my 14th, which was in 1992. I had been sick for weeks and no one knew what was wrong. It was the last day of school and it was a half day for some reason. I got home from school and took a nap because I wasn't feeling well. I woke up and took my temperature (something I'd gotten into the habit of doing since I'd gotten sick in late May), and discovered that I had a temperature of 104. I called my mom at work, who came home and took me to the doctor. I ended up being admitted to the hospital the next day and stayed there three weeks. I had appendicitis with complications, but I won't go into detail. I missed my birthday party - Becky and I were having a combined party at Becky's house and I called the party from my hospital room and talked to a few of my friends. I ended up having a sleepover of my own on August 8.

While that was my most memorable, it certainly wasn't my favorite. I had a nice birthday for my 21st, which was in 1999. My mom took me to Atlantic City, and the next day my boyfriend proposed. I won't go into detail on that story, either.

I don't think a birthday can really compare to my 30th, which was last year. At the moment that I turned 30, I was underwater in Turks & Caicos, diving with the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II. That night, the cook made a special cake that was unique because it was decorated with vegetables. I wish I could be there now. It's hard to do better than a diving birthday in the Caribbean. Maybe a diving birthday in the Pacific.

This year, we are going out for sushi. Last year, I observed fish, this year I will eat fish. It all works out. :)


Lyss said...

Happy Birthday!

Nick said...

Except for the fish. First they're spied on and next they're feasted upon.

tfh said...

Happy birthday! What a cool birthday you had last year-- but sushi's good, too!

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