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Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm making progress, check out my average pace per month this year compared to last year:
  • January, 2008: avg pace 14:13/mi
  • January, 2009: avg pace 13:04/mi
  • February, 2008: avg pace 13:33/mi
  • February, 2009: avg pace 12:55/mi
  • March, 2008: avg pace 13:27/mi
  • March, 2009: avg pace 13:00/mi
  • April, 2008: avg pace 13:53/mi
  • April, 2009: avg pace 13:17/mi
  • May, 2008: avg pace 13:16/mi
  • May, 2009: 12:47/mi
And I'm running close to the same race schedule as last year (except last year I ran the Disney Marathon and this year I ran the Disney Half Marathon in January). This is making me really happy and I'm realizing that I really can get faster. That is good news.

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