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Monday, June 8, 2009

Race for Our Kids 10K 2009

I really hate this race, but it fits into our race schedule so somehow I've done it four times. Usually, I sign up and dread it, but this year I signed up hoping to get a PR. I didn't, but I got my second best time, so that is good. I don't even know how I got that PR in 2006, except that I didn't know what I was in for at the end of the race. That is my only explanation.

This year was slightly cooler, but a lot less humid than years past. That meant it was a tad more comfortable running. I still wish they'd either start the 10K before the 5K or start both races earlier, as I'm certain that would make for a lot more comfortable running.

I pretty much expected to run alone this race. I had a couple of group members running, but they weren't exactly my pace, so I wasn't sure they'd really run with me. I also had a co-worker's wife running, but she doesn't walk/run, so I figured she'd probably take off. And that is pretty much what happened.

The problem was that the first mile is downhill, and so I need to hit it hard in order to stay on pace. I know that is counter-intuitive, since we'd normally want negative splits, but you can kill this first mile without using too much energy. I wanted to get through the first mile in 11 minutes, but I ended up having some distractions and other things going on with my group and couldn't speed up as fast as I wanted to. I did the first mile in 11:50, which was just where I needed to be in order to PR.

At mile 2, the uphills start and I slowed all the way down to 12:50, so I had a full minute to make up. When I saw that, I figured that the PR was probably not likely, just a matter of circumstance and how things were going, and so I dropped my intervals to 1:1 and decided to just sit back and enjoy the race. It was a nice day, and I chose to just be out for a run.

As a result, it ended up being a nice day for a run. Mile markers went by quickly and I felt like I was done the race in no time. I just ran at a pace that felt comfortable and didn't really push myself to the edge of my ability, per se. The short intervals allowed me to really go fast during my runs, which felt good, and the walking was pleasant.

Then, came the old lady. You see, I was way in the back of the pack, with only a few runners behind me. For the first time, they appear to have closed Smith Avenue for this race, usually we're running on the non-existent shoulder or sidewalk. This time, we were in the street and I took full advantage. It always feels better to run more towards the middle of the lane anyway, because the road is less slanted there. Well, along came this old woman in a big Buick. She pulled up behind me in the closed lane and tailgated me. She WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING THERE - THE ROAD WAS CLOSED! I was annoyed. I refused to move for her. She laid on the horn. I turned around and gave her the finger. (I was already irritated at this point because she was not the first inconsiderate driver that I had met along my way). When an opening came that she could pass, she did, and I was so angry at her that I hit her trunk with my fist. Hard. She deserved it, trust me. She didn't stop or anything, and when she got down to the next cross street, a cop yelled at her and told her to get off the road.

That was about it. The hill at the end of the race was a piece of cake, I just pictured myself running on my hill training at home. I made good time. I actually enjoyed this race for the first time since 2006. (Well, you know, except for the old lady, but she was minor and I was so angry at her that I actually increased my pace by like 45 seconds on that mile).

So, shocker - Race for our Kids was a good race! I ended up at 1:17, which is not a PR, but my second best time, and I was over a minute faster than in 2008. That's a good thing.

Plus, at the end, Todd introduced me to Debbie Phelps (Michael Phelps' mom). She was very nice.

Here are the results (If you're looking for me, though, I used an alias on this race, LOL)

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1 comment:

V- said...

Good job! That's wild about the old lady. Can't believe you gave her the finger and punched her car...LOL! V-

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