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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review: Twilight (The Movie)

This review is pretty belated because I have been pretty busy the past month or so.  I watched the Twilight movie a while back, while Todd was in Florida.  And...

Are you sitting down?

I liked it.

You know WHY I liked it?  Well, I mean, first of all, Edward is played by Cedric Diggory, and you can't beat that.  Even though he was still majorly creepy and I can't imagine being in love with someone who wants to eat you, he's hot.  Fine, I'll admit he's hot.   I'm too old for him though.

Anyway, why did I like it?  Because I didn't have to listen to Bella's internal dialogue the whole time or read all of that drivel about Edward's eyes.  It was SO MUCH easier to just enjoy the movie than to deal with all of that BS.  I thought it was pretty ok, for what it was.  So, I didn't feel like it was a total waste of my time like Mama Mia! was.

In the meantime, some people (Natalie) have been further pushing me to read the other two Twilight books.  Ugh.  Maybe I will, who knows.  I have a big list of books to read and at least it will give me something to blog about when I trash them.  So, I'll give that a solid maybe.

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