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Thursday, June 11, 2009

TIART: Running Dads

This week's Take it and Run Thursday topic is Running Dads. I should have known this was coming.

Writing about fathers and writing about my father in particular is a strange subject for me. I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty that there was nothing normal about my father or my relationship with my father when I was growing up. While I understand better now than ever why he was what he was and did the things he did, Father's Day still isn't my favorite holiday in the world. Perhaps if my dad had been a runner, he would have had a different way to express himself when he needed to do so. Perhaps if he'd been a runner, I would have been more likely to take up running at an earlier age. Perhaps if he'd been a runner, he wouldn't have the health problems that he has today. Let's just suffice it to say that my dad has made some hefty mistakes in his life, and whether or not he's ever been out on a run really hasn't been top on my list of gripes about him...


Let's talk about someone else. I went through my list of folks I run with, and I run mostly with women. All of my good running friends are women. Those that I know that are men... well, for the most part, they don't have kids or else I don't know them well enough to speak on the subject. Perhaps I should mention Doug, whose wife is expecting their first baby!! He is GOING to be a running dad. Perhaps I should mention Bobby, who has taught his son (Jeremy) everything he knows about running. But, no. Neither of those are right, so let's just talk about Frank.

Frank is my brother-in-law, married to my wonderful sister. They have two kids. Frank is a runner, and both he and Sharon have spent time being active and healthy with their kids. They do things together. They do Relay for Life. They encourage their kids to participate in sports without pusing them. They're just all around good parents. Now, if only Frank could encourage Sharon to do a race with me....... :)

1 comment:

V- said...

Hmmm...I with you. It's hard to think of running dads in my running circle as well. Bobby is who naturally came to mind for me, but you've mentioned him already. My dad wasn't a runner and, like you, I feel he would have been much healthier if he had been a runner (and perhaps still with us).

My friend Ryan, who's married to my morning buddy Kristin, is a running dad. He just did Boston for the first time. He sets a great example for their kids and encourages them to do active, athletic activities in school and camp. He's also a very supportive husband who encourages Kristin to take time out for herself to enjoy running and to meet her running goals.

Although I was hard pressed to come up with an example from Galloway, I remembered that Paul (who ran in Andrea's group in '07 and Todd's group in '08) is a running dad who does races with his wife and kids all the time. The last time I spoke to him, he was training for Miami with his daughter (who I believe is 16 or 17 now).

And I just met a running dad today at the 10K I did this morning. Remus is a running coach in Baltimore who helped my friend Cynthia qualify for Boston. But he took the time to brag about his 16 year old daughter who ran a marathon in 3:17! He showed me her picture on his IPhone and everything.

Lastly, my brother, Malik. Father of 4. He doesn't really run, but our mother just told me that he did a 5K Corporate Challenge last week. :) So, although he doesn't consider himself to be a "runner" or a "running dad", he fits the bill in my book! V-

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