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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maryland Wedding Party

We had a wedding party at our house yesterday. Above is the photo of our wedding cake. It came from Snickerdoodles in Hampstead, which is an awesome bakery. Everyone loved it, plus we served it with ice cream from Simmons, which is the ice cream place nearby. Yum!

We also served Jerk Chicken, coconut rice, fried plantains, fresh corn & tomatoes... I was understandably nervous when I realized that my dad had brought my grandmother, who is kind of a picky eater. Well, she eats the normal stuff, but certainly not our caribbean menu. The good news is that she did like the chicken and the rice and the plantains! Hooray!

We had a good time. My sister brought her Welsh Corgi, Robbie. Robbie is an awesome dog, and he just wanted to be friends with the Bug... But, the Bug didn't want to be friends with him and reacted horribly. Oh well, I guess Robbie and The Bug will not be friends.
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1 comment:

Nick said...

Wow, the Bug is doing his "DANGER! Engage Cat Size Expansion Plan A" full bore here.

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