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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pikesville 5k 2009

Since I haven't been running, or working out at all beyond scuba diving while we were away, I wasn't expecting much out of this 5k. My last run was on the trail on June 27. I wanted to run Thursday or Friday, but just didn't have the time.

This is the race I've run the most times -- this was my 5th year in a row running this race. I planned on doing a training run speed, and just running with whomever in my group wanted to run with me. I started with Kristy, who is still nursing a hurt ankle and was also sick (double-whammy!). We did the first mile in about 12:45 or so, keeping a comfortable training pace. Kristy then was feeling bad and needed to walk. She told me to go ahead. Since I didn't have anyone running with me, and since the No Boundaries (beginners 5k training program) folks were beating me -- well, I had to go.

I ended up doing the second mile just shy of 11 minutes, pretty fast for me. This was not that great of an idea, as this race is hot and hilly and miserable, and I felt horrible - stomach cramping. I slowed down some for mile 3, but still needed to be reasonably fast to keep those pesky No Boundaries folks behind me. I ended up finishing around the 37 minute time, which falls right in the middle of my 5k times, and faster than last year (when I think I pushed harder... I can't remember).

All in all, a decent or mildly ok race. I wasn't in the mood to run this weekend, so at least it got me out there. Todd was out taking photos, so we will see if we can get some good shots posted. We're very behind on posting photos - since we have photos from vacation, underwater photos, photos from yesterday's family reunion, and photos from today's race all in the hopper. Expect many blog posts this week, if I get the time to post.

Race Results (using the new name!!)

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