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Friday, August 7, 2009

Ideas for Potluck Lunches

For some reason, my Ideas for Potluck Lunch Day post from November, 2008 is my most popular post of all time.  In fact, if you Google ideas for potluck lunch day, my blog is the #1 post, and ideas for potluck lunches - my blog is #4.  These are the most popular searches for my blog.  I feel bad because I don't feel like that post is particularly great and I wonder if anyone even finds any value in that post.

So, here are a few recipes that I've posted that I think would make good Potluck Dishes.

  • Tomato Mozzarella Pie - My current favorite potluck item.  It's not light, but it is fairly easy and impressive, plus easy to double if you need to.
  • Kim's Chili - Easy, light, cheap, and easily carried in a slow cooker.
  • Easy Asian Beef & Noodles - I think this one would work well, although I would probably double it.  It gets better the more it sits and can be served hot or cold.
And here are a few sites that should be able to help you find something:
Please comment if you have some more ideas, people really need to know!!

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