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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Little Cayman Photos

Here are some of our topside photos from our trip to Little Cayman (wedding/honeymoon).  If you would like to see some awesome underwater photos, you can find them on Todd's blog.

Wedding night, cutting our cake:

On the dive boat:

Curly tailed Lizard:

In the pool:

On the fourth of July (which from now on will always remind me of our wedding):

A cosmo on the fourth:

Fireworks on the fourth:

Our hotel room at night:

The airport terminal:

Todd on the dive boat:

Waiting to take over/under photos:

Todd jumping in:

The view from our shower:


On the dive boat:

All of the topside photos:
2009 Little Cayman Topside

Again, don't forget to check out Todd's underwater photos... he really took some great ones!

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