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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Recipe: Zucchini Chips

We've been making sauteed zucchini on the grill for a long time.  Lately, we've been stopping a lot at roadside produce stands (a dime a dozen up here in BFN), and so we've been having the sauteed zucchini constantly.  Delicious, but I was so sick of it.  So, tonight we made these lovely zucchini chips for something different. 

The verdict?  I thought they were pretty good and very easy.  I made them on the grill, putting them on a grill pan rather than cooking them in the oven.  The zucchini were yummy and smelled just like the Dough Roller in Ocean City (in my opinion).  Give them a shot if you want something different for a side item.

Zucchini Chips


Lyss said...

These look yummy - will let you know if I make em!

Jenny said...

Tried these last night except with yellow squash instead of zucchini. We all thought they were yummy!

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