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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Running and Breakfast, an Update

So, after my last couple of posts about running and eating, I made some changes and I'm pretty happy with my results.  Last time, I enjoyed the eggs for breakfast, but made too much.  This time, I only scrambled 3 eggs (1.5 eggs each for me and Todd) and toasted an English muffin and it was pretty perfect.  I felt good during the run, I had no trouble eating it, and still the only issue is that it is time consuming.  Still, it is kind of nice to sit with Todd before a run and have a nice breakfast, even if it was just for a couple minutes.  I think this will be our new routine! 

During the run, I once again had the sour worms and it was, again, awesome.  I brought twice as many as last time (the equivalent of 2 bags of Sport Beans), and at them all in one eating.  I just didn't want to put them away, and I ate them in about a mile.  Huh, I found something I can eat on a run without forcing myself or gagging.  Awesome!

Finally, post run.  We've been doing low fat chocolate milk for a while now.  It's been found to be just as awesome for post-run as recovery drinks, and it tastes delicious!  We put it in a small cooler and keep it in the car during the run, and it is nice and cold when we're finished running.  Plus, we bring a towel with us, and if we are feeling sore after the run, the ice packs that were keeping the milk cold can be used to ice down sore muscles on the drive back.  Todd prepares the cooler while I'm making the scrambled eggs for breakfast.  It works out perfectly, and it's just so yummy and easy to drink post-run.  I get the pre-made chocolate milk in individual bottles, just because it's easy to buy it pre-made and I don't like putting milk in reusable plastic bottles because it inevitably makes them smell funny.  Our current favorite is Turkey Hill's Cool Moos.  Excellent mix of carbs (32g, 30g sugar), protien (8g) and fat (2.5g), although I do usually drink 2 servings (one bottle is 2 servings).  If you compare it to Endurox R4 (Galloway's recommended recovery drink, which I've never tried but I heard tastes like absolute ass), the two have reasonably similar breakdowns of carb/fat/protien.  Is there a downside?  Yes.  I've found that once Todd finishes his bottle of chocolate milk, he begins trying to steal mine.

I will probably have more of an update about running in general soon, as well as other things I"ve been doing or not doing (swimming, weight training, diving). 


Lacey Nicole said...

HOORAY! i am trying the eggs and toast!!!! i wonder if 2 eggs would be too many? since it's hard to do 1.5 just for myself? hehe. or i could do 1 egg + 1 egg white?

Kim said...

Try 2 and see what happens, or I think the 1 egg + 1 egg white would work too... and might be a little healthier. I have to have at least one yolk, though.

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