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Thursday, August 27, 2009

TIART: Running and Breakfast

This week's Take it and Run Thursday question comes from Jill Will Run, who asks "It's the morning of your weekly long run... what do you eat and why?"

Well, I've covered this all to hell and back lately.  So, I'm going to direct your attention to a few posts from the last couple of months:

July 31 - Running and Breakfast, where I discuss my past experiences with breakfast, what I used to eat when I started running and throughout my last few years of running / marathon training and why it's not working.

After that, I decided to experiment with eggs, because frankly I love eggs.

August 1 - Followup: Running and Breakfast, where I attempted eggs on my long run morning, but love eggs too much apparently and ate too many.  I was full for my run, which wasn't exactly a good thing.

August 15 - Running and Breakfast, an Update, where I reduced how many eggs I ate, and had a pretty successful run with it.  I also talked about what I eat during and after my runs.

So, there you have it.  I've pretty much already written this post, huh?

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jillwillrun said...

I often get up at 4 AM for long runs this year. Last summer I have to get up at 3 AM most long run days, so I completely understand that feeling of things being unappetizing so early.

I haven't eaten nut butters too much before long runs, and after reading your experiences maybe I don't want to because I love them too much. Don't want them to become a "negative"!

Thanks for sharing your experiences (or re-sharing) for TiaRT!

T S said...

Love your posts on breakfast! Glad you are finding something that works. As for snacks during the run, I myself have taken Swedish Fish - takes great, but they get stuck in my teeth! What a picture I must be coming back from a long run...

Kim said...

When I bought the sour worms, I also bought swedish fish, and decided not to take them with me for just that reason! Worms don't stick in my teeth. Not as much, anyway.

Lacey Nicole said...

heheh! you have covered this, huh?! breakfast is my favorite meal. i also love eggs... scrambled especially. i have never thought to try them before a run-- i think it's worth it! i need to go back and read your posts. and the cottage cheese in oatmeal is DELISH!!!

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