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Monday, August 24, 2009

TIART: When Did You Become a Runner?

This week's Take it and Run Thursday (better late than never!) asks the question, "When did you know you had become a runner? Was there a defining moment, or was it a gradual progression over time?"

This is a tough question.  I mean, if you want a true timeline, it looks something like this:
  • 1978-2005: I steadfastly am "not a runner."  I don't run, ever.  If someone chases me, I let them catch me.  Nothing gets me to run even a few steps.
  • 2005: I start running for a few reasons - mostly, I'm looking for something a little different with my workout routine, which had been going strong for a little while at least (mostly step aerobics).  To keep myself in check, I signed up for a 5k and ran my first one in June 2005.  I ended up running 5 5k races between June and October 2005.
    I definitely did not feel like a runner during that time.  I was still out doing my thing.
  • 2006: I committed to running a full marathon, afraid that if I ran a half marathon first, I would never do a full.  I had only run 4 miles at a stretch before committing to the program, and felt like every run was my longest ever (and that was often true).
    Did I feel like a runner then?  Kinda sorta.  
The rest is history, but perhaps, when I first really felt like a runner was sometime in the midst of that first marathon season, when I was downing Gus and eating pasta and dealing with blisters and injury and more.  I had the equipment, that was for sure.  I think more than anything, it was a gradual progression, and I could have thought of myself as a runner even before committing to distance.  But, who knows.  I'm a runner now, that's what matters.

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Lacey Nicole said...

yay TIaRT! i enjoyed your timeline. so you have already run a marathon??? that is a huge commitment to make (a marathon) -- where did you get the idea?! i can't even fathom going from 5k to marathon, it has happened so slowly for me... i can still hear myself saying: i will NEVER run a half marathon. and then after i ran a 20 mile race: i will NEVER run a marathon. lol.

Kim said...

Yeah, I didn't go through my whole timeline into my running, but I've run 4 marathons (MCM Oct 2006, Disney Jan 2007, MCM Oct 2007, Disney Jan 2008) and now I've run 4 half marathons (with Philly Distance Run coming up in just under a month!). The training is harder than the race itself, but you can do it!

Things are so much different now, once your body is conditioned to run and you keep doing it, it makes recovery from those long runs so much easier.

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