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Friday, September 25, 2009

How Do You Save Your Recipes?

I've been trying to figure out how best to organize my recipes. For the most part, I'm talking online finds, but there's also a need to store paper ones, etc. Here is what I currently have going on:
  • I have a lot of cookbooks. Some are in the basement, as they are less-used, and some are in the kitchen. I also found a stash of cookbooks that apparently Todd's in the drawer of our entertainment center.
  • I have a program called Accuchef, that is installed on my PC. Most of the good loose paper recipes that I've had over time are now on Accuchef, and I've been maintaining it since about 2001. The interface is ugly and I'm not sure if I'm on the current version or not. Regardless, if someone has better online or desktop recipe software, I want to know about it.
  • I have a bunch of bookmarks, both at work and at home. Sometimes I go through them and look for something to make, sometimes this process is just disorganized. Plus, it sucks when my bookmark is at work and I'm at home, or vice versa.
  • I have a bunch of starred recipes in Google reader, where someone posted something on a blog and I starred it to remember it. These are all mixed in with other things I've starred or shared in Google Reader, which makes it a PITA. I think you can organize this, but I never have.
  • I have a saved recipe file on, which is honestly where I get my dinner recipes most often. However, even that process is cumbersome and annoying.
I've considered trying to use Google Notebook to see if it will help, but I was wondering if there was something better out there, or if anyone is an avid user of Google Notebook?

So, thoughts? How do you organize your recipes, both online and in paper format?


Mary said...

I've not used it but I know some people like Master Chef.

Christine said...

I have an excel spreadsheet where I record all the stuff I make and when I last made it, how hard it is to make. Then I have hyperlinks to all the online recipes in there. If it's something not online, I'll type it into a blank worksheet and make a hyperlink to that within the excel doc. It works for us because I love being able to sort by when we last had something.

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