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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Philadelphia Distance Run 2009

I feel like I'm getting payoff for all of my hard work this year. I really do. I am so pleased with my progress since January. Today was another great race.

First off, Saturday morning was an early one. Todd had his longest training run before the Baltimore Marathon - 25 miles. He was up at 3am to get to the trail for his long run. I was up at 5am, because I was doing a water stop at the While Hall part of the NCR Trail, which is just before most of the runners will turn around. After everyone had passed, I went south to Paper Mill and waited for my runners to come in. I got to see my group finish, which was good, I felt bad that I didn't see them. (And WTF Team in Training, having so many people at Monkton that the toilets wouldn't flush??) Todd finished his run, and we got home around 10:30.

Shower and a short rest, and we were off to Philadelphia. We were a tiny bit late leaving, so I was a little worried that we'd catch random traffic on 95. We made it up around 3:30, though, with plenty of time to get to the expo. My only problem was that it wasn't clear where we should park for our hotel (the Marriott Courtyard Downtown), and traffic around the square in front of the hotel, and all around the hotel was a total nightmare. It worked out, though, and we made it to the expo around 4 - where we ran into Rachel, although she was with someone and she totally took off...

We had time for a short nap (we were getting pretty wiped out), and then met Cheryl (college roommate who lives in Philly) across the street from the hotel at Maggiano's. If you haven't been to a Maggiano's, they're pretty yummy. We had a good time and had good conversation. :) It was great to see Cheryl, I can't remember the last time that I really sat and talked to Cheryl, and I miss her! It was also a good time for Todd to get to know Cheryl.

We stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for bagels for the morning (I should have gotten something and brought it from home). And then, it was bedtime.

We got up at 6:30, the race started at 7:45. We were in the seventeenth corral, so I didn't see any reason to rush to the starting line. We met Rachel in the hotel lobby and walked to the start. Didn't see Ryan Hall. Didn't see him at the end, either for that matter. It took us 29 minutes to cross the starting line, so by the time we were starting the race, Ryan was a quarter of the way through his 6th mile.

I started out with Lu and Todd, and then Todd ended up staying back with Lu so that she wouldn't have to run alone, and I went ahead. I had done the first mile in 12:45, and thought it was a tad slower than I needed to go. I sped up, but then missed the 2nd mile marker, and at the 3rd mile marker my time for the two miles combined was something like 23:40. I had to think about it and do the math over and over (uh, I don't exactly excel at math and running makes me really suck at math, as if my brain can't be bothered and is busy trying to make my legs go). I finally realized that I was sub-12 and decided to stick with it. Mile after mile, I kept up with the sub-12 pace, just having a mile every so often that was right at 12:00.

Todd caught up with me at mile 4 or thereabout, and ended up running with me until about halfway through mile 12, when he went back to see how Lu was doing. I had a couple miles in that time that were a little higher (highest being 12:20), but mostly stayed sub-12. After Todd left, I continued on, although I don't remember what mile 13 was. I don't usually "run it in," but I ran this one in longer than any other race, and I still felt pretty good at the finish once I got my breath back.

Todd and Lu crossed a little after, and we met back up with Rachel for a photo. We headed back to the hotel, showered and headed home.

I'm pretty excited about my time. I'm not going to even pretend to be modest - my time, for me, rocked pretty hardcore. I had an awesome race. The race itself was great too - flat (flatter than the Disney Half), the weather was cool, the bands were fun (although less fun than expected), the crowd support was great, the course was beautiful, and the medal was very nice (a liberty bell). Overall, a great day, and I'm happy that Todd made it through with no issues after running 25 yesterday.

Final result: 2:37:12. A 12:00 pace exactly.

My best ever 10K? 1:14:10. My pace to the 10K mark today? 1:14:33.
My best ever 10 Miler? 2:01:47. My pace to the 10 Mile mark today? 2:00:08.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with that race.


Lyss said...


Lacey Nicole said...

congrats!!!!!! i love how you put it- my time for me rocked hardcore. thatta girl!!!!!!!! THIS is what matters and we SHOULD be freaking proud of ourselves!!!!!!!!

sounds like a fun race-- so cool the medals were liberty bells!!! and you have a really great running group!!!

i hate 95!!!!!! it runs all the way from up here to down there and it is ALWAYS terrible!!!!!!!!! notoriously so around here.

how was the expo???

i do the same thing= thinking how far ahead the elites are relative to where i am. it is mind boggling.

Kim said...

I thought the expo was pretty good. It was 2 days, Friday and Saturday, and was closing at 5pm on Saturday. We got there just after 4 on Saturday, so things were a bit picked over and people were starting to pack up their stuff, so that made a difference. I thought the race's stuff was pretty good, and they had the usual suspects - sunglasses, Mizuno, The Stick, Asics, etc. There were free beer samples, which I took and then promptly dumped down the front of one of only 2 shirts that I had to wear, so I ended up wearing my race shirt home (bright orange, care of ING).

Jen said...

Congrats on a great run! Looked for you and the Fleet Feet folks, but you must have been too speedy for me. ;)

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